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Manitoba: Reimer needs to check the “science” – COVID tax can end the pandemic

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 12, 2022 COVID-19 update, Dr. Joss Reimer takes on the task to answer a easy question and deflected it with a nonsense answer talking as if they need more money to end the pandemic.

Dr. Joss Reimer needs to check the money “science” for covid tax

While other provinces have taken the logical step to torpedo the recommendations from Duclos to start think about a extra healthcare tax on the unvaccinated, Manitoba will be considering to tax the unvaccinated.

Reimer was asked if they are thinking of applying a extra healthcare tax to the unvaccinated to use Canada’s universal healthcare system they already pay tax for. The COVID tax is a negative “reinforcement” that applies financial pressure to force people to get vaccinated while claiming it is a freedom of choice to get vaccinated when in fact it is just a way to say get vaccinated or we will make you poor.

Instead of acknowledging 20 years of neglect and mismanagement of Canadas univeral healthcare system. Manitoba’s “top” Doctor, Joss Remier announced she will be looking in to the COVID unvaccinated tax because it is a “really challenging question” to figure out if the universal healthcare system is really a universal healthcare system or not. “I haven’t reviewed the science on something specifically for a tax” Remier said, to force people to let the government inject things in to their body they don’t want.

Remier then says she needs to look in to the “science” of the tax to see if it will help with the update of encouraging people to get vaccinated.

From Remier’s comments she is just wanting to reach a 100 per cent vaccination rate and will be investigating to see if making people more poor will encourage them to pay extra for a universal healthcare system because of a personal choice. She did not speak about any type of mandatory vaccination policy. The reporters that were at the briefing don’t seem to understand Canada’s universal healthcare system so there was no follow up questions allowing Remier to dodge speaking about other personal choices to apply extra tax to such as smoking, drinking, obesity, riding a bike, skiing and many other everyday activates some people do while others think are dangerous.

We will have to wait and see what the “science” tells her in the coming weeks.

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