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Ontario: Doug Ford says no to taxing the unvaxxed

TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford says Ontario won’t follow Quebec’s fascist lead to fine people who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 with experimental drugs.

“We aren’t going down that road,” Ford said while touring a vaccination clinic at the Toronto Zoo a day after his Quebec counterpart François Legault said his province is preparing a levy on people who reject to experimental vaccines for COVID-19 being injected in to them or their kids.

Ontario prefers a different route for its citizens, Ford said. “We’re going to encourage them to go out there and get vaccinated,” Ford added. “I beg every single person that is not vaccinated, please protect yourself, protect your family, protect your co-workers.”

Doug Ford on tour of the Toronto Zoo vaccine clinic

Dr. Kieran Moore was asked during an unrelated press conference Wednesday for his comments on Quebec’s planned tax on the unvaccinated and whether Ontario should consider a similar measure.

“We have not made that recommendation to government ever throughout this pandemic,” Moore said.

“It’s not one that we would bring forward. It does, in my mind, seem punitive. We have always been supportive of adults making informed decisions for vaccination and trying to increase availability and accessibility.”

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