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Jason Kenny says no to unvaxx tax because Canada has a universal health care system

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney answers the burning question about applying a extra healthcare tax to people that are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Jason Kenny explaining why an extra health care tax
on the unvaccinated will break the principles of the system

Premier Kenney asserts confidently there will be no extra healthcare tax for the unvaccinated in Alberta.

“No we will not be putting in a COVID tax” Kenney said on a facebook live stream.

Premier Kenney isn’t entertaining the unvaccinated or grifting has he goes on to explain why as Canadians we can not apply extra healthcare tax to people because of their personal choices.

“There is a larger and deeper principals here, which is we have a universal healthcare system” he said to start with. Kenney then explains what the Canadian universal healthcare system, why it was created and how it functions at its core of principals. “Which means that it doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are what you medical condition is, how wealthy you are, or what life choices you made. You are guaranteed access to our health care system free of cost of medically necessary services”

These are our principals of being Canadians and it is in the Canadian Healthcare Act. If we put a extra healthcare tax on people that do not get the COVID-19 vaccine this destroys the Canadian Healthcare Act and a violation of the principals it was built on. It will open the doors to further taxes for all sorts of different personal choices. Many people don’t think this will impact them at all because the got the COVID-19 vaccine but that is a narrow minded view of it.

Kenney explains if an extra healthcare tax gets applied to the people that chose not to get the COVID vaccinate what is stopping the government to apply tax to other personal choices. “if we start going down the road. Then why would we not have a tax for people that are over weight, or who smoke”

With the Canadian Healthcare Act when someone is injured and they are transported to hospital “we don’t ask them for their credit card” said Kenney.

We don’t charge smokers extra for lung cancer treatment or send drunk drivers and invoice for crashing when drunk. We take them in with out asking for money or how much credit they have to spend. We have a universal healthcare system so we bring them in and care for them.

“I think If we go down that road we are completely rubbishing the whole principal of universality in Healthcare. which is why Alberta absolutely will not follow the decision of Quebec that was announced today”

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