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Tyrant Mayor Jim Watson false flag plant of violence failed

Heavily armed Ottawa Police swooped in to Trucker Protest supply base camp including snipers.

As the fake state of emergency activates in Ottawa the police act on orders from the tyrannical Mayor Jim Watson for a false flag plant of violence with a inhumane effort to freeze the protesters and children out of the base camp.

Snipers were set up on near by rooftops while stormtroopers swoop in on the ground. Fully geared up with riot gear accompanied by dozens of police vehicles and some paddy wagons.

The supply base camp is located on on 302 Coventry road, Ottawa

“We’re here for our freedoms and our rights” said on protester, adding “they want to think they can break us as human beings, but we’re for our freedoms and our rights they’re trying to take away and we’re gonna keep these rights in freedom and that why we’re here”.

With uncertainty with what is about to happen to them the protester huddled together for a prayer.

As the cops split in to intimidating groups Independent reporter approached the cops to record the avtion “hello gentlemen, I’m not going to go through it. I’m just recording” talking about the human barricade the police made. Affing i am not aggressive or anything”

One officer replies “no no, nobody here is aggressive” the officer ssid to the reporter he knows him and spoke with them a few nights prior so he knows the protesters and journalists aren’t agressive.

It was then confirmed they were there to steal cooking and heating resorces “we’re hearing mixed reports. Is it fuel pickup?” The officer confirmed they were there to pickuo the fuel.

The police insisted they’re not there to blast anyone with tear gas. The fuel is being confiscated by the Ottawa fire department under the protection of police service.

Yesterday evening there was a tweet by Ottawa police threatening freedom proterster supporters. According to cheif authoritarian Sloly anyone caught providing life saving essentials to the protesters is commiting a crime and they will be arrested and charged with mischief. Sloly fails to provide the law in which they can do this. But then again everything they have done in the last 2 years hasn’t been lawful anyway. Kind of the new norm in policing.

All protesters remained calm and quiet while recording what is happening.

The pastor approached the police and started praying to god to help them realize what they are doing is inhumane and to stand on the right side of history and help save our freedoms in Canada.

The police shamefully stood there and afraid to look at the pastor in the eyes for a conversation while another office stood there intimidating with a semi automatic assult rife in hands ready to shoot.

The protesters remained calm the entire time and didn’t disrupt the police at all while the police seized all their fule so the protesters and their families will freeze when they run out of fuel.

As the police left in a walk of shame knowing what they are doing os wring but too scared of Tyrant Jim Watson and Tryant Trudeau they still fully complied with the orders to steal essential resources for heat and cooking “just doing their job” as the protesters chant “shame” while the officers shamefully leave the supply base camp. Some of the officers

The Tyrant Mayor Jim Watson has falsely accused the freedom protesters of violence and hate crimes even though there has been no reports of violence and no one has yet to be arrested and charged.

His false accusations and inflammatory language has only made things worse and he knows it.

Over the last 2 years we saw decolonization and BLM riots ripping down statues and destroying small businesses and looting them. Anti oil eco terrorists destroying infrastructure and trying to set trains on fire while blockading the railways. We also witnessed churches being burned down in hate crimes but apparently these violent attack were toally fine with Canada’s government.

CBC Mainstream media,state run propaganda was on site filming the “violent” protesters as they calmly sat there and watched the police steal their fuel. CBC will most likely try to spin it in a different way claiming it was “scary” and they felt “threatened” and they were being “harrassed” but with the great coverage done by YouTube user Marcel Irnie we all get to see the truth.

All of these viol

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