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Anti freedom journalist urged anti freedom supporters to commit terrorist attacks and run over “NAZI’S”

Just days before four Freedom Convoy supporters were hit by a car during a terrorist attack in Winnipeg, Canada, a Twitter-verified journalist encouraged people to run over “Nazis.”

On Jan 31, 2022 Writer and producer Brian Walton wrote to Twitter followers “If you see Nazis on the side of the road, do the responsible thing and run them over.”

The former Nerdist editor-in-chief‘s call for extremist violence earlier in the week against “Nazis” mirrors the language that far-left agitators use to justify violent crime committed by comrades against Antifa’s political enemies, deemed as “fascists.”

The hate inciting journalist as since insisted it was just a vague reference to “literal” Nazis trying to cover up and justify his hate speech condoning violent terrorist attacks.

“Woke up to some very angry Nazis this morning. I did Nazi that coming,” Walton joked. “So, the nazis found my Twitter overnight. Good,” he added in a series of separate Twitter posts over the weekend. “You call a Nazi a Nazi and now half the internet thinks you’re talking about them. Wild,” he also tweeted Saturday.

Walton’s verified Twitter account had tweeted the instruction on Monday. Several days later, four male victims supporting the trucker rally were plowed down Friday night after a lone driver hit the group of freedom protesters outside the Manitoba Legislature.

Winnipeg police said a man driving a Jeep Patriot drove through a crowd of peaceful protesters at the Freedom Convoy protest near the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Multiple witnesses reported that the male suspect was in the light-coloured SUV was speeding through red lights after the incident, according to investigators. When the man was arrested, he struggled with police, law enforcement said.

The 42-year-old terrorist suspect from Friday’s reported hit-and-run was taken into police custody. He’s now facing multiple charges including assault with a weapon, dangerous operation of a vehicle causing harm, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

Three of the victims to the attack were treated on scene while one was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for life altering injuries.

Walton’s other Twitter posts show reaction to intense backlash over his initial “Nazis” tweet, first exposed by The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo.Walton’s other Twitter posts show reaction to intense backlash over his initial “Nazis” tweet, first exposed by The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

“Apparently suggesting Nazis must die is controversial now,” Walton tweeted Saturday. He noted in another post that Monday’s tweet refers to “the literal Florida Nazis.” Walton added on Twitter earlier Saturday: “And yes, I believe ppl who choose beliefs we went to war over should be removed from the planet.”

Walton uploaded an image depicting when National Socialist Movement members were involved in a scuffle during a neo-Nazi demonstration at Waterford Lakes last Saturday, resulting in the hate crime assault of a Jewish college student.

On Friday two were charged with battery evidencing prejudice after video showed the pair attacking the Jewish man who confronted the group as they’re shouting antisemitic slurs, The Orlando Sentinel reported. The battery charges are now being upgraded to third-degree felonies under Florida’s hate crime law.

With a plea continuing to try and justify his hate speech to incite violence “I am so over people projecting their bullshit onto me. Do I think swastika waving Nazis should die? 100% if you’re calling for the genocide of minorities. I 100% think the world is better without you. I do not give a shit about protesters in Canada. I really don’t,” Walton continued overnight Saturday into Sunday.

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