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Quebec uses children to promote propaganda

Canadians are angry at a broadcaster for using children to push a narrative in a propaganda video.

In a normal Canada, abusing children is not celebrated by citizens and certainly not championed on television cheering it on as a good thing.

In Quebec where Justin Trudeau lives, it’s a different story. Noovo, a broadcaster in Quebec has taken it upon itself to be a proud supporter of child abuse and divisive propaganda, not once but multiple times. This video looks like something that would have been produced by Hitlerjugend.

Aired in a French language video asking kids (that don’t know right from wrong, or even able to sign legal documents on their own) what should be done with Canadians that refuse to let the government inject them with experimental drugs.

“Are you in favor of mandatory vaccine?” The hosts asks. ” YES!” Answered the children.

The camera then pans to another lady “It looks like I drill them” she says with a giant smile, proud of brainwashing these poor kids.

“What should we do with people who don’t want the vaccine?” The host says.

In the extram divisive clip it appears these children have been brainwashed

“We should call the police” a young boy said, as if it’s illegal to exercise their fundamental rights of body autonomy.

One of the hosts the agrees like a psychotic authoritarian ” Yes, yes”

A little girl then gose on script to preach misinformation about vaccination statuses “If they don’t have the vaccine it can put a lot of people in danger” she said,

Did they think having a child on TV repeating misinformation we as Canadians would think this is cute and get us on board to hate people in our communities, friends and family?

She then goes on a fascist rant about how no one should have the right to any freedom and must submit everything to the government “so like what the government does right now, we should cut everything from them little by little until the summit and get vaccinated” she recites from her handlers.

“It looks like we have future politicians here” the host says.

One of the sickets things here is the kids have no clue what their rights are and no clue about rule of law. They have been programmed with divisive misinformation and disinformation to repeat on tv.

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