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CBC lies to the public for Trudeau while Canadians unite to fight vaccine mandates

As freedom rallies have ripped across Canada and the world with millions of people, the Governments continue to ignore this large group of freedom fighters and call them “tiny” and “fringe”.

Now ahead of us in the Truckers for Freedom Rally as Canadians all unite in the fight against Trudeau and his government. Trudeau and his Government are scared Canadians have united and millions across the nation are support the movement because they want everything to get back to normal and have grown sick of the lockdowns especially with the now common knowledge that Omicron is very mild.

Mainstream media and the Government has labeled millions of people as anti-vaxxer protesters while pretending millions of vaccinated Canadians aren’t taking part in the anti-mandates freedom rallies. You would think this was a failure of investigative journalism not getting all the facts but it isn’t.

The failure that is happening is the failure to publish the facts. Canadians pay a lot of money, $1.2 billion dollars for the CBC to remain in operation while only around 3% of Canadians actually watch it. In the future we are going to pay more to the CBC as Trudeau promised it in the election last year.

CBC ran a article about the Truckers For Freedom Rally, a convoy of trucks driving from Vancouver B.C. to Ottawa against the Federal Governments Mandates. CBC is caught red handed in a lie claiming only “Hundreds” of truckers are headed to Ottawa. as we can see in this screen grab.

The problem is they have the facts but they only show what could possibly help spin their narrative. This is essentially lying with facts. The Freedom Rally involves thousands across the country as we reported here.

With further proof all we need to do is turn to social media, the place the Government is still trying to censor.

In Alberta it was reported an estimate of thousands of trucks in the slow roll convoy. As we can see in this first video posted to Twitter there is a 14 kilometer long convoy of thousands of trucks.

In Alberta we can clearly see thousands of people in a small area supporting these truckers on their convoy because the freedom rally is for everyone. Not just for the truckers as CBC claims.

In this short clip we can see there’s hundreds of trucker in each area within line of sight. Apply some common sense to that knowing Truckers for Freedom raised over $2.4 million in a GoFund me crowd fund raising campaign Freedom Convoy 2022

There’s currently an estimated 50,000 trucks headed to Ottawa, clearly well over the “hundreds” CBC claims as they do damage control for Trudeau and try to make the rally look smaller than it really is. We have millions of Canadians across the country out on the rally showing their support standing on the side of the roads flying banners and even driving in the convoy.

This is not a protest, this is a movement. There is 50,000 truckers with mixed vaccine statuses that are participating in the slow roll convoy 2022. Trudeau and the mainstream media keep trying to lie to the public and say vaccinated people do not support the freedom rallies. A leader of the nation needs to tell the truth and not lie. They are not paid to lie to the people paying their wages, it’s unethical.

As the CBC lies about the Freedom Rally to down play how serious the vaccine mandates problem is with being unethical, unscientific and damaging the children and our economy. The CBC wants to call this anti-mandate freedom rally a anti-vaxxer protest like they wrongfully call all the other freedom rallies. THe difference with this one is there is evidence that about 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and knowing that information logic and common sense tells us a large amount of these truckers rolling in the freedom rally are vaccianted, which blows the CBC flase narrative out of the water.

To try to back their narrative they are pushing for Trudeau they try to spin the story in the wrong direction. With a propaganda push from the Canadian Trucker Alliance (CTA) telling truckers to stand down and support the mandates and “just comply” with unjustified and unscientific mandates. The government has no business telling people what they have to put in their body or not, every Canadian has a fundamental right to body autonomy.

New-Brunswick getting ready for the #convoytoottawa2022

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