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Health Minister of Canada refuses to answer important questions

Something that has gone untouched by the legacy media is how the Health Minister of Canada purposely refused to answer every question he was asked that Canadians need answers to. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone especially to Canadians considering the amount of government funding they receive.

We are providing a shout out to True North today for scooping up this video clip of a very important question period about Canada’s healthcare system and its future.

Canadians all across Canada have been wanting to know where the money is being spent to help them with the pandemic. This is an important thing to know and amongst that they deserve to know not just the amount of money being spend but exactly what the money was spent on and where. Talking about just spending money can lead to just not mentioning all the money was spent on raises for certain people and not actually hiring more staff or on actual medical supplies.

In this interview we should find out the answers because a conservatives MP wants to know where all our tax money has gone because it’s tax payer money not a personal piggy bank.

“as conservatives we want to make it very very clear there is a failure of leadership in this government” said Stephen Ellis Conservative MP. Referencing the unpreparedness to the pandemic and the on going response.

“This failure of leadership with the provinces only with the ability to have lockdowns as their primary method of treatment”.

We have been blessed to see this hilarious interview with Mr. Roboto rambling incoherently reading from a pre written script

“Mr. Declos i have a few questions for you sir.”

before the pandemic began, acute care occupancy according to the OECD in Canada was 91.6%. Only 2 countries were worse. Are you aware of this problem sir?

“I also share the knowledge and the sadness of these thirty thousand people that have died” said Declos. he tells us the United States death rate “90,000” people and says thank you to everyone that got vaccinated

Sir, I asked you a question very specifically and this is answer period not question period. Were you aware the acute care occupancy was 91.6% in Canada in pre pandemic days?”

As if he needs to follow a script he replies “So two things on that. First thing we know is vaccination is going to be key” Declos said. This was completely useless information and unnecessary to say and was not related to the question at all. Ellis calls him out on that “I don’t think i asked you anything about vaccination”.

The second answer is that we have provided $63 billion exactly for that purpose. Purpose of increasing abilities and compacity in our healthcare unit including the IC Unit” said Declos

“During the election campaign your party promised to hire 7,500 new physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. How many of these have been hired since the election September 21st?” Ellis asked Canada’s health minister.

“We have indeed promised $25 billion additional to what we have invested during COVID-19 which I repeat $63 billion just to protect the health and safety” While this is a incoherent answer because it is not telling us how many people were hired, just telling us they spent money. “Just the bodies sir not the numbers” as Ellis cut off the nonsense speech.

“that involves a total of about $6 billion for primary care access to family doctor. $7 billion to” Declos said. While he again refused to answer the question of how many people in total have been hired, Ellis refocused the attention back to the question

“How many of them have been hire sir? How many of the 7,500 have been hired? Of 7,500, how many were hired?” repeats the question looking for a very specific answer because it’s a “simple question” that we as Canadians have the rights to know.

“Let me be even more clear $63 billion invested until now with obviously thousands of nurses and doctors being paid and being recruited and being provided with the appropriate care they need” Declos said. Again refusing to answer the question of how many people have been hired and only references how much money is being spent.

Where is the money being spent though and how many people have been hired? We know how many thousands of healthcare workers were fired across Canada. The number hired is a easy number to grab for the Health Minister because he has access to the people that have the statistics for it but he refuses to answer.

“How many new hires since September 21, 2021 that your Government promised?” Ellis rephrased the question where there could be only one answer for.

“So $63 billion that’s obviously a great substance and a great value to” again Declos repeats the dollar figures and fails to answer a simple question. Ellis speaks up and says “That’s not bodies”. Declos goes on to explain how they are paying people that were already hired pre pandemic and continue to “improve their working conditions” but by the sounds of it is nothing because we are not getting any answer of how many people have been hired to help with the work load.

“if fair to say you don’t know how many people have been hired that you promised?” Ellis asked because we were obviously not getting an answer for Canada’s Health Minister.

“Not only are these people being looked after, they need to look after so many others and that’s why we are so please to add another $25 billion in our campaign to make sure those specific investments continue over the short and longer term” Declos says.

Again we are given a non answer with a sprinkle of being told to our faces more money is coming out of the tax payer pocket in the future towards spending with no transparency.

“Did you know Canada emergency wait times were the worst in the OECD and do you have a plan to change that sir?” Ellis asked.

“not only do we keep increasing and investing through Canada Health transfer but have also added another $11 billion just a few years ago to look after the mental health and the home care services that seniors and others across Canada need. We got another $63 billion during COVID-19 to look after the emergency healthcare needs the provinces and territories are faced with and we are adding more resources as we exit from the crisis and eventually rebuild the damage, repair the damage the crisis has created.” Declos said.

It’s weird how a Government can with a divisive decision fire thousands of healthcare workers knowing there has been issues with Canada’s healthcare system with staff shortages and capacity limits pre pandemic.

Moving on the next question is “Do you know how many ICU beds we have in Canada sir?” asked Ellis. This should be one the Health Minister of Canada should know right away because the numbers of used beds have been on display during the pandemic and they are supposed to be trying to increase the bed counts. There is no way to plan to increase the bed counts without know what the current bed count is. So lets find out if this guy is qualified for his job and actually talking to the other Ministers and taking notes.

” So I would tell you that that differ across provinces and territories and that has been sustained for fortunately because of the strong collaboration between provinces and territories and the federal government. I have had 6 recent meetings with Health Ministerial colleagues now this is an important way to collaborate together and to look after the needs that miss so many across Canada are feeling right now in the current crisis.” Answered Declos.

They have meetings about spending our money but apparently never talk about how many ICU beds are in each region.

“Are you aware Canada has the lowest number of hospital beds?” Ellis asked as he brings up the figure of where Canada stands in comparison to other states in the OECD for hospital bed capacity

“We rank 29th out of 33 states of the OECD are you are of that sir? Just a simple yes or no answer” asked Ellis.

“we are aware of two things” Declos says but makes no sense considering the question only requires a yes or no answer.

“First not only was it the challenge before covid-19 but obviously that challenge has been increased during COVID-19. That’s why we look. We’re continuing our efforts with provinces and territories not only to exit from CVOID-19 which is key priority now but as I said earlier to repair created by the crisis” Ended said.

For what was supposed to be an important question period to answer important questions Canadians want to know the answers to. We got a whole lot of non answers and just told they want to keep spending our money like crazy with out any transparency.

We never found out how many healthcare workers have been hired since the promise to add more. We had a staffing shortage before the pandemic when the Liberals made the promise to hire 7,500 healthcare workers.

What we have ended up with is thousands of healthcare works being fired because they are unvaccinated or they are pro privacy and pro choice while being vaccinate but counted as presumed unvaccinated. If the Government did make good with their work and hire 7,500 healthcare workers that is only replacing some of the ones they unjustifiably fired in the middle of the pandemic at the expense of the health of Canadians.

Why hasn’t the mainstream media said anything about this? Why are they being so quiet about our tax money being wasted? It seems like the Legacy media just doesn’t care about the everyday Canadians. The mainstream media can’t be trusted to hold the Government accountable for Canadians. We as Canadians need to stand united together and demand to know where our money has been spent and where it is being planned to be spent.

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