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Mainstream media desperately tries to spin far-right narrative

In this articles we are going to show you some of the headlines media outlets are pushing out about the freedom convoy. At the very bottom there is video showing how the Truckers for Freedom Rally is going with footage from on the ground and up close with everyone.

CBC invites “expert” on for a interview to Divide and incite hate for the truckers

CBC finds some so called expert to make a prediction of a racist, sexist and homophobic movement. Making outrageous claims of what they think Freedom means. Freedom doesn’t mean racist, sexists’ and homophobic. Are they trying to change the definition of freedom now? That so called expert is bias and discriminatory spreading division.

CBC makes an incoherent suggestion of Russian influence in the Convoy for Freedom

“Given Canada’s support of Ukraine in this current crisis with Russia, I don’t know if it is far-fetched to ask, but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows, perhaps even instigating it from the outside?” asked Köksal.

Like a scared puppet Mendicino for unknown reason fails to question this absurd allegation and who provided the tip, considering there seriousness of the so called details

Washington Post thinks the government should never be questioned or held accountable to the people.

Washington Post thinks people fighting against government overreach and eroding freedoms and rights is bad and the government should never been questioned about failure policies and be held accountable. Apparently to Washington post it is incoherent to ask questions about mandates and policies that makes no sense and go against the science. The think questioning the authorities and hiding the Government responsible for transparency is wrong because they think the people work for the government when it’s the government that works for the peoples. Shame on Washington Post for not understanding Canada’s Charter and making things up.

Former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford is the last surviving of the first ministers involved in the drafting and adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. He explains how the Federal Government is breaking the law in a interview here and why he is suing the Government of Canada. Canada is not at war and there is no insurrection happening so this mandates are unlawful.


No different than CBC they are push a “far-right” and “racist, white supremacy” narrative

Winnipeg Free Press with an opinion peace try to discount legitimate concerns

“No credible political party in Canada should affiliate themselves with this protest.”. Any party that doesn’t support the freedom and right to protest should be dismantled because they are against our fundamental rights. They dug around very deep trying to find some dirt and all they came up with was a couple connections and then they paint a whole group because of it. The also fail to remember they don’t highlight all the extremist radicals in the eco terrorist environmental, not protest but actual riots.

Salon goes hardcore in to fearmongering suggestion a “January 6” event.

Which is a ridiculous claim because there was no evidence of anything to even suggest this. Canada’s Secret Service and Military never suggested anything like a insurgence. This was 100% speculation from Salon to incite fear.

Another socialist website calls the freedom movement “far-right”

and tries to discredit the message by saying “Scraping of remaining anti-covid-19 measures”. All the restrictions are still in place there has been no relaxing of COID-19 restrictions in Canada. The Government is wanting to introduce more rules and restrictions not relax any because they are drunk with power.

How ever Premier Scott Moe says they will be ending mandates in Saskatchewan Premier. Moe pledges to end proof of vaccination policies in Saskatchewan, asks the feds to do the right thing

Just yesterday Denmark and U.K. to name a couple. They have not committed to ending all covid mandates and restrictions.

They make this very anti scientific claim that the vaccines stop the spread of covid.

“The only “freedoms” the protesters support are the freedom of the virus to run rampant and the “freedom” of big business to keep operating at full tilt, herding workers into unsafe workplaces amid a raging pandemic, so as to maximize profits.”

They are oblivious to what the Truckers for Freedom rally is about. Its about the mandates that make no sense. They are not disputing the vaccine giving possible less severity. But the science as per B.C. Government data a majority of the population is low to very low risk of hospitalization. The social clown web site doesn’t want to debate the facts judging from their hard stand with anti-science

What’s actually going on at the Trucker For Freedom Convoy in Ottawa?

He said this is about Freedom not white supremacy. Fighting for the rights for everyone to have a right to chose what is right for themselves. He loves his country. So much for Trudeau’s and the mainstream legacy media racist spin on it.

Lots of food going around.

Demonstrators at the peaceful Freedom rally showing respect to the police. Hand shakes and fist bumps.

Clan Mother Noreen from Yellowknife explains the freedom movement is one heart. Check out the full video posted by Andrew Lawton of True North

“Just a Fringe minority” that hold “unacceptable views”

Does Trudeau and Jagmeet Signh understand the words they speak? or do they and their goal is to divide?

OH CANADA! The true north strong and free

Maxime Bernier joins the freedom demonstrators singing the nations Anthem Oh, Canada

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