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Premier Moe pledges to end proof of vaccination policies in Saskatchewan, asks the feds to do the right thing

Scott Moe posted an open letter to the Federal Government to end the mandates because they don’t make sense.

Scott Moe did not ignore this thundering convoy that disrupted traffic as it rolled threw his province on their way to Ottawa.

The Convoy for Freedom brought the awarness to all Canadians the mandates make no sense. In a open letter posted to Twitter.

“This did not prevent me from getting COVID-19” Premier Moe wrote, about recently contracting covid-19 while being triple dosed with the Covid-19 vaccine

“Vaccination does not keep you from contracting covid-19, but it dose prevent most people from becoming seriously ill”

Although he will continue to enourage people to get vaccinated he will be dropping proof of vaccination in the ‘not-too-distant future’

He points out the fact and common sense, vaccination is not preventing transmission so the “current federal border policy on truckers makes no sense. A unvaccinated trucker dose not pose any greater risk of transmission than a vaccinated trucker.”

The federal government vaccine policies are damaging Canadas economy and local communities causing prices to go up for food and housing.

In the “not so distant future” Moe said all the mandates will be lifted “ending our proof of vaccination, negative test/proof of vaccination policy” in Saskatchewan

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