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Jason Kenney expresses great concern about Trudeau’s continuous hate speech about Canadians

Today Jason Kenney took a big stand and stomps on Trudeau’s false narrative.

Kenney gives a shout out to truckers and explains how we are all grateful for them to keep our grocery store stocked and products we love in stores. Not everyone has been at home without work through this whole pandemic

“While a lot of people were sheltering at home overmuch of the past 2 years, they were out there on the roads. In good weather and bad keeping us and our whole society rolling” said Premier Kenney. “Thank you to the truckers”

Kenney explains a piece of the Constitution to the reporters “Everyone has a right for democratic peaceful protest in our country and we should be respectful of that.”

Just like most Canadians and the rest of the world Kenney agrees the vaccine mandates are unjustified “I agree with those protesting, i think the pointless quarantine rule for cross border truckers”. Premier will be headed to Washington D.C. today to talk to the American leaders.

While reiterating his support for the protest he reminds everyone he is not supporting any individuals that express extremist or hateful views.

For example eco terrorist’s blocking Canadian infrastructure for logistics and trying to set trains on fire. The NDP shows up at the environmental protest at parliament hill media isn’t digging in to their social media accounts trying run a smear campaign on them. The NDP isn’t pressured to discriminate and “disassociate themselves with everyone that might show up”.

2020 pipeline protest in Montreal by some Wet’suwet’en nation members

One of the major issues that Canadians have been voicing and the mainstream media has been failing with is holding the Government accountable and asking questions Canadians want answered. This is how our website B.C. Rise came to life, we will ask the questions publicly.

Premier Kennel expressed great concern for Trudeau’s hate speech’s and “divisive comments”. About how “we should not tolerate them” and they are “holding unacceptable views that don’t represent the views of Canadians”. With a straight fact whether Trudeau agrees with them or not “they are Canadians” said Kenney. “They are entitled to hold their views about covid policies” and they’re allowed to express them safely and lawfully.

Trudeau “defends convicted terrorists as Canadians. Then why is he condemning thousands of people who feel strongly about covid policy in this country?” As a leader of the country Trudeau’s job is to unite the country not fragment it.

“his divisive approach” Kenny says about Trudeau “makes the situation a whole lot worse as does his quarantine policy on cross border truckers which is forcing up food prices and making life more difficult.

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