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common sense vs tru-nonsense the battle is on

A leader of Canada is a person that is here for the people and respects the people at all costs while working for the people. If they share the same views or not it doesn’t matter. Canadians have a right to free speech and freedom of expression. Canadians have a right to be heard by their Government at all times and a right to Protest. With out the freedom of expression there is no debates, with no debates there is one sided narratives. With one sided narratives and state controlled media there is only one view and that’s a dictators views.

You don’t have to imagine this either, just look at China and North Korea to name a couple.

The leader of Canada is not the one to determine what people can say or think, if that was the case we would be agreeing to live in a authoritarian dictatorship. This is Canada and authoritarian dictators have no place here, no matter how hard they punch down with their egotistical and narcissist views.

While Trudeau only comes to western Canada for his Tofino vacations only then he’s gone again. Trudeau and the mainstream legacy media champion him around the east coast as Mr. Sunshine, happy days and bringing everyone together. But every time he opens his mouth and you actually listen to the words coming out, it’s a very much different story.

During Lyndon Johnson’s U.S. presidency he is quoted as saying “Come now, and let us reason together”.

Here we are with Trudeau, the delusional man living in a fantasy land. He has gone on record multiple times during interviews expressing his hate for people that don’t think like him. Trudeau has publicly called Canadians misogynist and racists because they disagree with him.

He has become unhinged from Canada, Canadians and reality.

Yesterday at the Ukraine briefing conference King of divisive hate speech strikes again while CBC, CTV, Global News and the Globe and mail, all state controlled media giants celebrate the hate speech.

Trudeau makes a radical divider statement denouncing millions of Canadians and telling them they are not Canadian “the small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views they are expressing do not represent Canadians” said Trudeau during a question period at the Ukraine briefing.

The freedom rally is anything but a fringe minority as hundreds of thousands of supporters are seeing across the country lining the roads waving, cheering and flying the Canada flag with pride as the truckers roll by.

Trudeau then pushes a false narrative he and his fringe group of supporters are “following the science and stepping up to protect each other”. If only the vaccines stopped or prevented the spread of COVID this would be true but it doesn’t as we can see hundreds of so called fully vaccinated Canadians are infected with COVID-19.

His delusionary rant pretends to care about the rights and freedoms of Canadians saying vaccines are the “best way to continue to ensure our freedoms our rights and our values as a country” and he has also said they are the “way out of the pandemic”.

These are all lies considering 84% of the entire Canadian population has been double dosed with the experimental drugs. There is about 30% of the Canadian population triple dosed, that’s 3 shots and we are still having our freedoms trampled on. We were all lied to because the vaccine mandates purpose was to “stop and slow the spared” but Trudeau thinks we are all stupid and don’t have common sense to see this is untrue. The science and Government provided data doesn’t support the narrative.

While Trudeau and the liberal media are so focused on trying to divide the country Conservative MP’s have stepped up to the plate to re-enforce Canadian values of diplomacy.

Yesterday Trudeau’s goon media partisan group swarmed Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre asking loaded questions to try to paint him and other Conservatives as extremists. “What do you make of the extremist elements trying to latch on to the truck convoy” asked one of the partisan reporters.

Pierre called out mainstream media for their continuous failures with bias reporting and cherry picking single names while he provided fair, coherent, reasonable and respectable answers that just make sense. “you know what I think is interesting is that when there is a left wing protest on parliament hill we don’t see the liberal media going through every single name of people who attends to disparage the whole group with. CBC has been accused by it’s own employees of systemic racism yet we don’t see the media generalize that everyone who works at the CBC is a racist.”

“When ever you have five or ten thousand people who are part of any group, you’re bound to have a number who say unacceptable things and they should be individually responsible for the things they say and do. But that doesn’t me disparage the thousands of hard working law biding and peaceful truckers who quiet frankly kept all alive for the last 2 years filling your grocery shelves with the food you eat and your homes with the products you rely upon. So i think it is possible to hold individually responsible anyone who says or does anything unacceptable. While showing support for the hard working law biding, peace loving truckers who are fighting for their freedom and livelihoods and on whom we have depending on our very existence over the last 2 years”.

Just like any other type of large 10,000 or more people protest group, no matter what they are protesting there will be a small group with extremists opinions and that’s just how the ratio numbers work. But we can’t go around painting a whole group with the same brush, this is no different than calling all Indigenous people drug addicts and alcoholics or all black people criminals or all Chinese people are part of the Chinese communist party because they are not. We as humans are individuals and do not agree on everything, that is just human nature and a usually a majority do not have extremist views.

If someone is doing extremist stuff, we will deal with that if it happens and they can be held individually accountable for their own actions.

No matter how hard Trudeau and the legacy media try with their partisan efforts, Canadians are standing strong and united on the Freedom front.

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