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James Topp responds to Jagmeet Singh’s claim he meets with people he disagrees with all the time.

Jagmeet Singh just got called out but will he keep his word?

Yesterday during James Topp’s march to Ottawa he recorded a short clip and post it online about inviting all members of parliament to meet with him and hear his concerns.

James Topp has been on the march to Ottawa from British Columbia since February 20, 2022. He is a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran and served almost 3 decades in the Canadian Army. Topp began his march to show solidarity with the truckers and working Canadians to bring an end to overbearing government mandates.

James start with saying he has reached out to every member of parliament and it didn’t matter what party they were from. He said he sent an invitation it to every one of them.

He went on to say how the media is spinning all the meetings as Conservative MPs meeting with convoy organizers. James Topp clarified that he is not a convoy organizer, if you remember he started marching from Vancouver on February 20, 2022, after the freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa was already cleared before he started marching.

“I was able to achieve a meeting with some of them and that was done because the constituencies their constituencies reached out to them and asked them to come and see me when i arrived in Ottawa” James said.

Topp went on to reassure Jagmeet Singh he is “a soldier, Canadian citizen, taxpayer and a voter.”

James said he created an organization called “Canada marches for the purposes of securing a meeting with any member of parliament regardless of what party they are in”

“characterized in the media right now is that they are meeting with convoy organizers and I would just like to clarify something right here right now including to Mr. Jagmeet Sing (…) I am not a convoy organizer.”

BC Rise reported Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on June 23, 2022, claimed “I meet with people that I disagree with regularly,” and “It is something that we should do”. Hearing different and opposing view points “is a part of our democracy and everyone should be open-minded enough to meet with someone that they don’t agree with” Singh said

Topp was charged with two conduct infractions in May for speaking out against vaccine mandates while in uniform, but he was not a Freedom Convoy organizer and was not in Ottawa during the protests.

“I wish that he would honor his statement when he says that he’s willing to sit down and speak to those people even though that he disagrees with Mr. Singh” Topp said

We have reached out to Jagmeet Singh for comment, but we did not receive a response before publication. If Jagmeet responds we will update.

BC Rise reported on May 28, 2022, Canadians from the Sikh community in Jagmeets home town of Brampton tried to meet with him, Jagmeet Singh called the cops and and ran away and since that day he was branded “Sellout Singh“.

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