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Jagmeet “Sell Out” Singh runs away from Canadian’s in Brampton trying to ask questions

A Singh family group tried to ask Jagmeet Singh questions in Brampton Ontario and he ran away.

Jagmeet was at a meet and greet event in Brampton Ontario on May 26 and was welcomed by Canadians that were hoping to get some answers from Jagmeet. Instead of speaking to the people, Jagmeet’s event handlers called the cops to report people are trespassing at a public event.

Jagmeet Singh is the leader of Canada’s far left-wing NDP party and a public figure because he is a politician. A group of guys wit the last name Singh approached Jagmeet Singh at the public event to ask him questions because they feel Jagmeet Singh has sold out.

They showed up to the event in Brampton Ontario on Thursday, May 26, 2022, demanding Jagmeet do his job and speak to the people. Jagmeet Singh’s event staff called the police after telling the men they are trespassing. The men waited for the police to show up.

When the police arrived they had a reasonable conversation with the men. One man explained Jagmeet Singh is a federal public servant and his job is to take questions from the public and speak with them.

“if it’s a meet and greet you’re opening up your bed for access for the public to access. That’s the Idea” one man said to the police.

The police asked if Jagmeet is inside. They tell the police he is in the back yard, the police officers then laughed.

This took place at the meet and greet for Navjit Kaur and Jagmeet Singh in Brampton, Ontario, on Thursday, May 26, 2022. The cops were called as soon as the men arrived.

“trespassing us from a public event for a meet and greet with our public servants inside. We’re allowed to ask these questions. They have been trying to avoid us at all costs and now we are being trespassed before even entering in.” one of the men said in a video posted to social media.

Jagmeet Singh, Brampton Ontario On May 26, 2022 runs away from Canadians, “We got questions” one man shouts. Jagmeet is repeatedly told he’s a “Sell out” and called “Sell out Singh” as Jagmeet’s SUV takes off.

One of the men is heard shouting “I’m unvaccinated bro”. Jagmeet was recently at a media conference saying he wants Canada to be mandatory vaccination for everyone with no exceptions and didn’t even rule out medical exceptions, Jagmeet Singh says he wants to apply “consequences” to the unvaccinated.

This is not the first time the Singh family has spoken out about Jagmeet Singh. They were also at the Truckers for Freedom Convoy Protest showing their support for freedoms and Canadian values.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also face substantial backlash after accusing truckers of white supremacy during the Truckers for Freedom convoy.

Many of the Jagmeet Singh protesters across the country have been calling Jagmeet a sell out because of the Liberal-NDP “confidence-and-supply agreement” but “not a coalition“.

Jagmeet was brutally heckled out of Petersburg Ontario recently early this month in which the police are now investigating the heckling.

We even saw a protest held outside of Jagmeet Singh’s Burnaby office when he backed Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act.

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