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B.C. truckers plan to join cross border trucker COVID-19 vaccine mandate with convoy from B.C. to Ottawa

A large convoy of Canadian truckers has been planned in the hopes of ending a mandatory vaccine mandate that was recently implemented across the country.

Canadian truckers must be fully vaccinated to avoid quarantine and prearrival molecular tests as of Saturday, while unvaccinated American big-riggers will be turned back at the border.

Colin Valentim, an Ice Road fuel driver and convoy organiser for British Columbia-Canada, explained that his group will leave Vancouver at 8 a.m. on Jan. 23. They will travel across Canada with other drivers and will gather in Ottawa to protest.

“The convoy will be going east through Chilliwack, Hope, Merritt, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden and finally into Calgary where it will meet up and leave on the 24th with the convoy from Calgary heading east,” said Valentim. “Ultimately culminating in Ottawa, meeting up with the convoy coming north from Windsor-Sarnia and the convoy coming west from Nova Scotia and PEI.”

“This convoy is to bring awareness to the mandates and the severe harm that the government of this country is specifically looking to cause against the people.”

Valentim notes that while truckers are the primary group affected at the moment, the convoy will also include members of other professions who have been required to receive the necessary COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are now the latest to come under fire. It’s not specifically for us. This has affected health care workers, municipal workers, fire, emergency police, ambulance workers as well as hospitality industries. Anyone is welcome for this, any kind of vehicle is welcome to this.”

“The idea behind this convoy is now to go all the way to Ottawa. It originally started as single cities and has morphed into a national event and that’s great, that’s awesome.”

Valentim made no mention of what would happen in Ottawa, he did say for sure truckers would not obstruct roadways. According to reports, a group is meeting on Parliament Hill.

Valentim detailed the voyage in a Facebook post. It has received over 20,000 views and nearly 3,000 reactions.

There has been word Glen Carritt organizer of United We Roll is willing to join in this convey

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