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Trans activist Jessica Yaniv facing charges again, this time for defamation

Criminal charges keep racking up for trans activist Jessica Yaniv.

Jessica Yaniv, a biological male, is now facing criminal defamation charges. On June 20th, 2022 news broke by Meowmix.org, Jessica Yaniv was arrested and charged with defamation.

Jessica Yaniv formerly known as Johnathan Yaniv and finally settling on Jessica Serenity Simpson, is a trans activist biological male with a long history with time in court for criminal offences.

These charges come from an incident that took place last year. On February 24, 2021, Jessica Yaniv and Miriam Yaniv conducted a social media smear campaign alleging RCMP officer, Mike Gafka (Miriam and her sister Ilana Altman).

Yaniv posted the RCMP officers personal details including the names of his wife and children and made claims the officer attacked an elderly women.

Jessica Serenity Yaniv is due for their next court appearance on July 25, 2022 a the Surrey, Provincial Court house.

Yaniv recently pleaded guilty uttering threats to cause death or cause bodily harm and received a 12 month suspended sentence and a criminal record.

Yavin was also found guilty of assaulting former rebel news reporter Bexte however only received a conditional discharge.

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