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Trans activist guilty of 3rd criminal offence, receives criminal record

Jessica Simpson, a biological male, the trans activist and repeat offender, formally known as Johnathan Yaniv, has finally been given a criminal record after being found guilty of a third criminal offence.

Yaniv’s lawyer tried to get a conditional discharge, which would not give Yaniv any Criminal record. However Yaniv already had two conditional discharges in the past.

A judge made the decision on June, 29, 2022, at the Surrey provincial court house after Jessica Simpson accepted a plea deal. The deal saw the mischief charges dropped, but a guilty plead to the count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Jessica Simpson is a biological male who changed their name from Jonathan Yaniv to Jessica Yaniv and the finally has landed on Jessica Simpson.

Yaniv and their legal council tried to introduce false allegations, According to Meowmix.org

“Yaniv did try to introduce more dishonesty to the court, alleging Elston had camped outside his condo for four days to protest. This was not well received.” Meowmix.org reported.


The charges of uttering threats at “Billboard Chris” stem from October 22, 2019, when Jessica Simpson, a biological male, threatened to kill Chris Elston.

Yaniv and Elston encountered each other in public. Elston was on the sidewalk practicing his right to peaceful activism when Yaniv pulled up in a vehicle and started yelling at Chris aggressively. Elston didn’t retaliate or argue back, instead he recorded the encounter while Yaniv had a meltdown.

Taniv, now known as Jessica Simpson, still a biological man, threatened to kill Chris and to call in a fake bomb threat.


Crown asked for probation with no-contact restrictions, a suspended sentence, and probation.

Yaniv’s defence attorney, who claimed that Yaniv was a victim of transphobia and that a conditional discharge was still in his client’s best interests. Yaniv’s attorney, Patrick Johnston, continued by stating other various reasons to justify Yaniv’s actions.

The judge argued a conditional discharge would be in Yaniv’s interest but not in the public interest. Yaniv already broke the conditions to the previous two conditional discharges and received no criminal records for both but that has now changed with this new decision.

Yaniv received a 12-month probationary term with a suspended sentence from the judge, which will result in Yaniv having a criminal record.

The judge focused a lot on free speech and what it means, said Kari Simpson, Canadian Voters Federation while Chris added the judge cited the charter of rights and freedoms.

The judge said “everyone has the following fundamental freedoms.” Chris told Rebel News, during an interview posted on July 15, 2022, continuing: “Freedom of conscience and religion and freedom of thought belief opinion and expression”

Chris said the judge acknowledged offensive speech is not illegal, and there are ways Yaniv could express disagreement with Chris without threatening to kill him.

According to Chris the judge said, it doesn’t matter if his speech is offensive to some he still has a right to express his opinion

“It doesn’t matter if his speech is offensive to some. I still have every right to say it and there were various ways that Jessica Yaniv could have expressed his disagreements to me which didn’t involve threatening to shoot me – he felt it was in the public interest given that Yaniv had already had conditional discharges”

In breach of the two conditional discharges, Yaniv was supposed to be under good behavior but instead Yaniv assaulted journalist Keean Bexte (former Rebel News reporter) and threatened Chris.

Yaniv has committed multiple criminal offences in the past and is a serial litigator leading to several dozen court appearances.

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