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Jessica (Jonathan Yaniv) Simpson found guilty of assaulting independent journalist

Yaniv, a biological male who prefers to go by the name “Jessica Simpson,” was charged with assault after throwing punches at Bexte’s head with closed fists on January 14, 2020.

In Surrey Provincial Court on Wednesday the infamous transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson has been found guilty for assaulting former Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte.

Yaniv is a biological male that goes by the name “Jessica Simpson,” was charged with assault after attacking Bexte and  repeatedly punched him in the head on January 14, 2020.

Yaniv was leaving the court house when Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte approached him to ask questions after appearing in court.

According to video evidence shown in court, Yaniv assaulted the journalist after grabbing his microphone outside the Surrey Provincial Courthouse during an outburst of rage. Yaniv then pursued Bexte, hurling obscenities as the journalist tried to flee the scene.

Yaniv who has a violent behavior and a history of assaulting journalists eventually left after Bexte ask if he was going to “plead guilty” in his criminal court case. Judge Mark Jette said the video footage submitted as evidence couldn’t prove Bexte was punched in the head it did prove an assault occurred, reported Rebel News.

Yaniv / Simpson’s lawyer tries to justify his actions and asked for a conditional discharge & no criminal record citing a list of mental and physical illnesses Simpson reports having including gender dysphoria. The crown also said Simpson is in school at Dougle College to peruse a career in law. Reports Rebel News.

According to Rebel News Judge Mark Jette took this in to consideration and didn’t want to add the obstacle of a criminal record.

Despite being found guilty of assault, Judge Mark Jette granted Yaniv a conditional discharge, meaning the charges will not appear on his criminal record. According to Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey, Yaniv was sentenced to counselling and parole by Judge Jette.

Judge Mark Jette also gave orders Yaniv isn’t allowed within 150 metres of Keean Bexte. Not allowed to posses any weapons and not allowed to posses a knife unless it is for cooking or eating and probation for 14 months.

Yaniv made headlines when he sued multiple salons for not waxing his nuts. He lost his court case.

The Canadian transgender activist has a long history of problems, including sexual assault and harassment, physical aggression, illegal weapon possession, and other things.

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