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Vancouver councillor wants city to donate over $600,000 to anti-oil and anti-fossil fuel lobby group

Green party’s Adriane Carr wants up to $1 of tax payer money for each Vancouver resident donated to a environmental lobby group called West Coast Environmental Law .

Environmental activist, councillor Adriane Carr of the Green Party has requested that the City of Vancouver contribute $1 for each citizen to a legal battle being waged by an environmental lobby against the fossil fuel industry.

On Tuesday, Carr will be pushing forward a motion demanding her fellow councillors to direct staff to “include in the draft 2023 Operating Budget an amount up to $1 per Vancouver resident to support West Coast Environmental Law’s class action lawsuit against fossil fuel companies”.

That’s right, she wants written in to the municipal budget, funding of over half a million dollars of tax payer money to a environmental lobby group to pay for their anti-oil fight called “Sue Big Oil”.

Vancouver has a population of 662,248, in 2021, according to Stats Canada. A $1 donation for each resident would equal $662,248

On June 16, 2022, West Coast Environmental Law launched a campaign called “Sue Big Oil” to encourage municipalities to offer up to $1 per resident for a class action lawsuit against fossil fuel companies it claims are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions worldwide.

Carr blamed the oil industry for weather events in British Columbia using dramatic language for shock value.

“As evidenced by the local 2021 heat dome, atmospheric river, polar vortex and storm-driven king tide, the costs to repair damage resulting from climate change events are enormous,” Carr, a popular three-time councillor, wrote in her motion.

West Coast Environmental Law was registered as a charity in 1979. For the year ending April, 2021, the organization had revenues of $1.75 million, of which $1.2 million was spent on compensation and consulting fees. The organization had assets of $3.2 million.

Voted to demand Mayor Stewart to write to large fossil fuel companies and demand they contribute to “climate change” related costs.

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