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China-developed ‘Belt and Road’ business park now open in British Columbia

The Vancouver Logistics Park in Surrey just opened at the end of July. To date 80,000 square feet has been built for phase one of a phase 3 project.

When the three phase facility is completed it will be 470,000-square-feet in total and will house four warehouses, two large exhibition halls and lots of business space.

The project was first proposed to be built with the global Belt and Road Initiative designed to expand China’s economic power by developing and building infrastructure across other nations. World Commerce Valley is completing the development, a company belonging to Hong-Kong Based Shing Kee Dodown Group.

After former BC Liberal premier Christy Clark signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese province of Guangdong, construction first started in 2018.

The opening of the business park comes following controversies and tensions rise with renewed concern about Chinese foreign interference in Canada’s politics and in the Chinese diaspora community. 

BC politicians and Chinese Communist Party celebrating the take over of Hong Kong which was hosted by the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office.

“Given the huge influence of Hong Kong immigrants, or those who came by way of the Hong Kong pathway, seeking refuge here in Canada to start a new life in the past two or three years, I think we cannot allow ourselves to just be so naive, or just be so willfully blind to just look at the invitation as no harm and it’s just standard practice,” said Fenella Sung of Vancouverites Concerned about Hong Kong. 

Since opposing the the takeover of Hong Kong. Recently last week it was reported BC-based journalist Victor Ho was “blacklisted” by the Chinese government and they he was paid a “friendly visit” by Canadian Security Intelligence Service officers

George Chow, the BC minister of trade, Wei Renmin, the head of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations, and other business and cultural leaders were present for the facility’s inaugural ceremony.

“How come our government keeps silent so long?” asked Ho , the former editor-in-chief of Sing Tao Daily, once one of the largest Chinese-language newspapers in Canada. “They have full responsibility to take care of the safety of citizens because they are elected by the voters, that is you and me.”

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