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4 arrests, drugs and loaded guns seized in Vancouver’s ‘tent city’

The Vancouver police make four arrests with the discovery of fire arms at the illegal sidewalk occupation “tent city” on East Hastings Street. 

On Sunday morning around 8 a.m. police officers were tipped off about a tent that was storing drugs and guns.

Four men were arrested, two guns were seized including on loaded shotgun

“We’re growing increasingly concerned for public safety in and around the encampment,” says Sergeant Steve Addison.

“Violence against the public and against our officers is on the rise throughout the Downtown Eastside, and the proliferation of guns in the encampment increases the risk to everyone.”

Among those arrested were a 40-year-old from Vancouver, 23-year-old from Burnaby, and two men in their twenties from Surrey.

VPD officers responded around 8 a.m. Sunday, after receiving information that guns and drugs were being stored inside a tent near East Hastings and Carrall Street. With assistance from VPD’s Emergency Response Team, the officers arrested four men and seized two guns, including a loaded shotgun that was found inside a tent.

Investigators believe the weapons were being used for protection and to intimidate other people in the encampment.

Justin Trudeau announced earlier this month his ban on the importation of legal handguns

The so-called gun bans will have very little impact on gun crimes argues Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant.

“You’re talking about banning the import of things for use by people who are the most law-abiding, and that can’t possibly have any effect on people who are criminally misusing firearms,” Bryant said in an interview with True North.

“They will see that these are not the people that they should be worried about.”

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