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Truckers for Freedom rally goes international inspired by Canadian truckers

The rolling thunder of the so called minority fringe group of people with unacceptable views according to Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh has shook the entire world. Engines revving up horns blasting, flags fly in a world wide unity for freedom.

On January 15th, 2022 Canadian Truckers set out in a Convoy for freedom from Vancouver B.C. headed to Ottawa to begin their demonstration on Jan 29, 2022. The convoy from the left grew larger and stretched for Kilometers, in some reported multiple different convoys up to 50 or 100km long each.

As the really began in Ottawa and Canadian legacy media was unable to hide the truth because social media allowed people to show the real story, it got world wide headline.

Millions of people around the world feel the same way, their freedoms have been eroding away a lightning speed. The people are making a stand and making their voices heard because the government has ignored them this whole time during the pandemic.

Friesland Netherlands truckers fired up their engine and hit the streets joining in a now World Wide Freedom Rally. Truckers in Italy jumped on board and started to rumble down the roads.

The people need freedom. The government need accountability and transparency.

We have scooped up some of the inspirational moments and the greatest unity ever witnessed on Earth. Mainstream media will never show this because they are controlled by the governments. Nothing has brought so many people together across the world like freedom. Freedom is the real shared value and views people share. The Governments hate freedom because they don’t get total control.

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