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Premier John Horgan is still addicted to covid mandates like a covid junkie

John Horgan has no solid plans to reopen B.C. even though we qualified for Step 4 Restart plan in September 2021.

At a press conference Tyrant John Horgan was asked if he will be following updated science and end unlawful COVID-19 mandates like Saskatchewan will be doing this weekend.

Unreasonable John Horgan has no plan except for keeping lock downs and says to refer to Bonnie Henry’s announcement coming a day after this press conference.

So called Premier Horgan has shown that he is unable to think for himself and read data. Who is in power of B.C. is it the Premier John Horgan or is it Bonnie Henry the unelected public health official?

With a majority of Canada’s provinces reopening and lifting almost all mandates including the segregation ID aka vaccine passport what is the plan for B.C.

Horgan begins to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories and insists these segregation passports some how prevent transmission and deflects to ask Bonnie Henry about the segregation passport. Again who is in Power of B.C.? Is it Bonny Henry or is it Premier Horgan? Why is there an unelected health official the default answer to run the province?

John Horgan and the NDP government policy failure is clearly not the right path forward to help British Columbians.

With weakness showing from so called Premier Horgan and refusal to answer questions about the segregation passport he was hit with a barrage of easy questions.

British Columbians deserve an answer from the elected Premier John Horgan because he is supposed to be working for the people not big pharma or the unelected public health official.

Reporters asked about a time line for the plans to reopen the province because we have been stuck in the step 3 continuous loop back since 9 months ago with no plans to move forward. Even though the province met all requirements for step 4 of the reopening plan 9 months ago the only hold back was the required earliest date.

B.C. Restart Step 4 required earliest date of September 7, 2021 only 70% vaccination rate of 1 dose for people 18 and older and low case counts (again we don’t need to worry about case counts and that requirement should be dropped by now) along with low COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Tyrant John Horgan deflected away from the questions and focused on spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about the freedom convoys taking place across Canada. While pushing his Anti Freedom agenda he insists the Pro-Freedom protesters are “violent” while being “threatening and intimidating”.

During last weeks Pro freedom convoy in Vancouver there was 5 arrests of violent Anti-Freedom protester for assaults’, vandalism, threating and intimidation tactics and impeding traffic by blocking intersections. There was also a terrorist attack in Winnipeg where a Anti-Freedom radical attempted to murder a crowd of Pro Freedom Protesters.

John insists he wants to move forward but still holds on to the false narrative of a pandemic and and out of date science because he is a tyrant that doesn’t want to let go of control. He refers to if we see declining cases and hospitalizations this will be his queue to uncage British Columbians instead of addressing healthcare management failure.

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