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COVID-19: Events and gatherings restrictions possibly lifted on expiry next week

Bonny Henry is still power hungry and only willing to lift one restriction because it is expiring.

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says her gatherings and events public health order could be lifted when it expires next week.

“What you will hear next week will be the details of how we are going to be moving forward,” said Henry. “The gatherings and events orders are coming up for review on (Feb.) 16th, and we’ll be putting out in detail on the 15th what we’re doing for the next few weeks.

“You will hear less about the pandemic as we get through this wave, and more about how we can continue to manage our personal risks as restrictions are adjusted in step with what we are seeing, in terms of transmission and hospitalizations.”

Currently there is four active public health orders to so called limit the spread of covid-19. Only the gatherings and events order is going to be lifted because it’s expiring and Bonnie can’t manipulate statistics to justify renewing it.

The other orders with no expiry will not be lifted as Bonnie still clings to the last bit of control she has over 5 million lives in B.C.

The orders staying in place are the face coverings order, food and liquor serving premises order and the residential care COVID preventive measures order.

The gatherings and events order restricts indoor and outdoor personal gatherings, indoor and outdoor organized gatherings, indoor events at venues and gatherings in casinos, places of worship and workplaces. It also covers fitness and exercise activities, sports activities and aquatic centres.

Under the order indoor personal gatherings are pro-segregation, if anyone in the group is not a so called fully vaccinated adult and the gathering must be limited to the family group, plus a maximum of 10 guests. Wedding and funeral receptions are banned.

Indoor events at venues — like Canucks games, concerts or theatre — are allowed at 50 per cent capacity, and casinos can operate at 50 per cent seated capacity.

For churches, capacity is capped at 50 per cent if any of the congregation are unvaccinated. Dancing in any indoor public setting is banned, unless you’re in a dance class.

The heaviest restriction in the food and liquor serving premises order is that any pub, bar or nightclub that doesn’t sell prepared meals can’t open. On Wednesday, Henry said this order would be amended to allow those businesses to offer catered food.

They will be modify the surveillance what you will hear next week will be the details of how we’re going to be moving forward more and less about the pandemic. How we will manage personal risks.

Restrictions will be adjusted to match with with what we see in transmission and hospitalizations. Testing was changed to people needing it for health management or needing to get back to work.

Although it is still a serious respiratory illness “the virus is not going away” Dr. Henry said, much like other diseases. The case counts are no longer accurate and will be adjusted and modernized.

Rates of hospitalization and rates of people dieing are much lower because of severity of omicron is much lower. Seniors are the majority getting serious illness or dying.

Updated guidness on vaccination and booters for people that have been infected. If you have been infected with covid-19 short term you “do have immunity from a few weeks to several months”

If you choose to get vaccinated you need to wait between doses to get the best effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to Binnie Henry, if you’re healthy you can wait 3 months before getting the booster if you choose to do so.

It appears blanket measure shouldn’t be the way forward “Infection risk depends on the person and if they have compromising conditions and who they live with.” Said Henry.

Revising the order with food and beverage industry. Henry advised she needs to speak with the industry still.

Notice given in October 2021 regulated healthcare professionals moving forward with the orders. Changes in the healthcare system Bonnie said she will be “working with the college of physicians to make a standard” for all healthcare workers requires to get the covid vaccine by March 24, 2022. Exemptions will be summited to Bonnie Henry’s office.

The standards will effect by laws. Not just mandating covid vaccination but looking at mandating flu shots, measles and other diseases vaccines.

Dix said they will be reducing the amount of colleges and go to a more centralized control structure to limit any push back in the future. Which is kind of scary because they can then push more government misinformation and propaganda liek we have seen about the cases counts for the last 18 months.

When Bonnie was asked about healthcare workers spreading misinformation about vaccines she is concerned but doesn’t explain what the so called misinformation and “truly lies” are. It would be nice to know because there’s a lot of so called misinformation that is now fact.

She still claims the vaccine card is an “effective tool” and there is no plans to end the segregation ID as of yet. Even though vaccines don’t prevent transmission she tries to justify the unscientific vaccine passport but sounds like an incoherent statement because she acknowledged that the vaccine doesn’t matter when it comes to transmission.

Bonnie Henry’s worry is the hospitalization number. “Rates of death for Omicron are much much lower than Delta.” Dr. Henry said. She keeps hammering on how transmissible Omicron is and that’s her justification for the segregation passport which makes no sense because the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission and still makes them unjustified.

Instead of focusing on better healthcare management, accountability and transparency, Bonnie rather punish the public because of internal healthcare systems policy failures.

In the future the plan is to take the focus off of daily numbers and look at the trend over time.

In the long term way in the future in June 2022, Bonnie Henry will revisit the vaccine passport aka segregation ID. This doesn’t mean it will be remove it just means she will entertain us with freedom and decide if she wants to lift it or not.

With the vaccine passport no longer serving their intended purpose why can’t we just remove the vaccine passport requirement for restaurants and other types of things?

Bonnie Henry says the vaccine passport doesn’t help reduce transmission but then she says it does. It’s confusing.

She wants to keep the vaccine passport because she still wants to force people to get vaccinated and pushing for a 100% vaccination rate like Tyrant Trudeau.

Alberta already got rid of their segregation ID and Saskatchewan was getting rid of theirs tonight.

Dick’s gets on stage and says he just wants to keep vaccine passport so don’t talk about other provinces and other jurisdictions.

Anti-freedom Adrian Dix said the rights of other people be treated with respect in their homes in their communities that includes and that includes other people’s basic rights well that’s not a Canadian value that’s not an expression just to put in context there are rights and their responsibilities we have

With a strange statement “93.3% of people vaccinate and 6.8% of people not there is a split there but that split is 16 to one just to put it in context and the people who’ve been vaccinated done so for their own safety, for their Community safety and I’m very proud of them” Dic said. Considering the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission it make no sense how he mentions your vaccine will protect someone else.

As dumb dumb misinterpreted vaccine rates that only increase because of mandates aka threating people livelihoods and quality of life with restrictions as support for mandates and a delusional feeling B.C. residents want to continue getting the vaccine in the future even when healthy and the are in the negligible low to very low rish group.

It was a little contradictory because Bonnie said in the “future plan, unlikely we will need a broad immunization for everyone but we will need to do it for the vulnerable.”

These restrictions are because of healthcare mismanagement and not making sure we have capacity because of wasteful spending with no accountability or transparency.

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