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20 years of failing Canadian healthcare system blamed on the ‘unvaccinated’

For the last couple of months we keep hearing claims from government officials and health officials that the “unvaccinated” are to blame for clogging up the hospitals and making the system close to collapse.

Yes, Covid is real and it is here to stay, it’s not going away anytime soon just like the flu. From what we are being told by the ‘experts’, Covid is not as deadly as the flu but it is more transmissible. We have a bunch of strict mandates in place (not laws) to try to ‘stop the spread’.

The mandates put in place to try to help reduce the amount of people admitted to hospital and reduce the spread are:

Wear a mask indoors, and the ‘unvaccinated’ have been restricted to where they can go and what services they use or events to attend. The ‘vaccinated’ are allowed to go anywhere they want as long as they have a vaccine passport and willing to give up their medical privacy.

Now lets take a look at the havoc the ‘unvaccinated’ are causing to the health system and see if there is anyway we can help identify the issues and any other advice that may help the system not collapse.

Using data provided by the government showing the statistics for the hospital beds per capita in Canada as of 2019 the there is 2.54 beds (per 1,000 population). This may sound like enough if you are not familiar with the history of the health system in Canada. Now lets dive in to the data for some data SCIENCE. That’s right, the government and health officials favourite word to use in 2021 ‘science’.

We will be taking our numbers from a 3rd party source that has been collecting this data for many years.

Source: Statsita Density of hospital beds in Canada from 1976 to 2019 (per 1,000 population).

Now lets get in to it and we will be very blunt with no manipulation of any facts, this is pure fact and cold hard data publicly available to everyone.

This data table goes back to 1976. In 1976 we had 6.92 beds (per 1,000 population) and note too much of a difference all the way up to 1993 where it is recorded 5.41 beds (per 1,000 population).

In 1995 we had 4.7 beds beds (per 1,000 population) and by 2019 we had 2.52 beds (per 1,000 population).

Statistic: Density of hospital beds in Canada from 1976 to 2019 (per 1,000 population) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

What’s going on here?

Well, over the years Canada has taken a liking to mass immigration. What is mass immigration? Mass immigration is to bring in as many immigrants as possible to Canada while not thinking about how it will impact the systems we have in place and the current population in the country.

The population keeps increasing but no new beds get added to the healthcare system. What is happening is we are getting a larger population that reduces that bed count but the Canadian healthcare system has also been removing beds at the same time as the population increases and grows uncontrollably.

Now with this data you may be asking yourself. If this data is correct then why is the government and health officials blaming the failing Canadian healthcare system on the ‘unvaccinated’?

That’s a simple question to answer. It’s so much easier to crate a scapegoat and attack another group just to protect yourself from being called out on a massive failure. This is all just a game of blame and shame while deflecting from the real issue. The government and health officials are too gutless to accept they messed up. We need to hold them accountable for a problem they created 20 years ago and continue to supporting.

Please take a look at this graph below from Statsita Density of hospital beds in Canada from 1976 to 2019 (per 1,000 population).

The government keeps claiming that people are in support of the vaccine passport because of the uptick in vaccinations. They are forgetting a lot of these people are only doing it to stay employed. The government has confused itself because it believes its own far left-wing propaganda. They are claiming the vaccination rates as support for the vaccine passport. This is fake numbers and false reporting. They are using psychology to tap in to the emotions of the public and us it against them and manipulate the public

The government has never sent out any surveys to all asking Canadians asking what they think of the vaccine passport but instead just fly with the vaccination rates as proof people also are willing to give up their freedoms and medical privacy.

The government is pushing for blind faith and to just ‘trust’ them. We have seen these types of plays in history in other countries and it’s always a push for total control with a totalitarian government. Push back with the facts and hold the government accountable for being a failure and don’t allow them to blame other people for their own mistakes. A real leader in a democratic nation and government doesn’t play tricks on its citizens but listens to them and works for them.

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