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BC Liberal MLA John Rustad ousted from party for questioning climate change ‘science’

Long time BC Liberal MLA has been ousted for daring to challenge the climate crisis “science”.

B.C. Liberal leader Kevin Falcon kicked John Rustad out of the B.C. Liberal party caucus after John retweeted a post that sparks debate around climate change “science” and encouraging people to celebrate CO2, a major gas essential to the survival of plants to convert in to oxygen.

The retweet in question was a tweet by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore’s controversial views around climate change. 

“No net warming in Australia for the past 10 years. And the Great Barrier Reef has more coral cover this year than ever recorded. The case for CO2 being the control knob of global temperature gets weaker every day,” Moore wrote. 

“#ClimateChange is one of the most critical threats facing our future,” and that Rustad “does not speak on behalf of caucus on this issue.”

On Thursday Kevin Falcon then sent out a statement saying no BC Liberal MLA is allowed to have separate opinions and surely aren’t allowed to voice them.

“Politics is a team sport, and British Columbians expect their elected officials to work co-operatively on the important issues facing our province.”

“Like any team, our caucus operates on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. While a diversity of perspectives are encouraged and a source of strength, they cannot exist without that important foundation in place,” wrote Falcon.

“Following a pattern of behaviour that was not supportive of our caucus team and the principles of mutual respect and trust, I have removed MLA John Rustad from the B.C. Liberal Caucus effective immediately.”

According to the CBC Kevin Falcon said he fired Rustad because he tried to spark debate instead just falling in line and conforming to the party.

“I couldn’t get the satisfaction he’s prepared to be a team player, so I fired him from caucus.”

Todd Stone, an MLA, will succeed Rustad as the forestry critic.

Rustad stated in an interview that the causes of climate change “should be open to debate” standing by his views.

On his own Twitter account, Moore also addressed the sacking of Rustad, branding the BC Liberals as “intolerant fools” for doing so.

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