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This is why the Coutts trucker blockade is different than eco terrorists

When Truckers across Alberta all decided to fire up the big rigs and rumble their way south like rolling thunder to Coutts birder crossing to form a blockade. They knew what they were doing was breaking some rules.

They shut down the border and no traffic was able to go in either direction in or out of Canada. Even when they knew the authoritarian Government invoked a police state and sick the RCMP on the truckers they stood their ground.

Before we go one here’s one quick fact about the anti oil eco terrorists. They spent a week damaging the train tracks and derailing trains which is important to Canadas infrastructure. The government sat idly by doing nothing and not allowing the police to do their jobs.

Now what is the difference between blocking a road and trying to derail a train?

For 2 years the Government has been stripping away the freedoms from everyone in Canada with draconian mandates. The Government of Canada has shut down the economy force millions of people out of work and on to welfare known as the CERB. They have forced small businesses to shut down and the employees then get absorbed by giant corporations that receive corporate welfare. This creates a central employment point where it gives the Government more control over the population because it controls the large corporations. The Government has closed down schools denying children an education and making them dumb and numb. The Government then pushes propaganda on the fake news networks they give tax payer money to. The then printed a bunch of money with no plan to have it repaid except for raising taxes driving more people in to poverty. The Government has then invaded the personal lives of everyone in Canada and became a helicopter parent to the nation micro managing the adult populations lives and telling them how to manage their own house hold. The Government is now pushing in Bill C-11 to bring in more censorship and crushing of freedom of speech.

There’s been no debates in Ottawa about all these nonsense measures causing Canada to fall in to authoritarian control. The people needed to be heard so they took action.

The people said enough is enough, get out of my life and leave me alone, they fired up their trucks because the government is destroying everyone’s life in Canada and the lives of the children and decided to do something about it. Like thunder they rolled south to the Coutts border crossing and made a blockade stopping all traffic in both directions.

The border blockade worked, and to the surprise of the government the truckers’ gained massive amount of support from all Canadians that joined in the Truckers for Freedom protest.

On the second day the government announced it was sending in the RCMP to move them with force if they don’t move. These truckers got together for a meeting and prayed because they knew the authoritarian Government wanted the RCMP to use force and intimidation to move them. “I’m not leaving unless they take me in a police car” one man said.

That’s one difference between principled conscientious objectors, passive resistance, civil disobedience, versus the anonymous saboteurs of railroad tracks.

These men like many historic freedom fighters know what they were doing is breaking some rules and they would be punished in some way.

“and decided that was fine, the injustice of the laws was too much to bear passively or even consensually; that saying nothing wasn’t an option and complying wasn’t an option, and so the morality of the universe required them to call themselves law-breakers since the law was so odious — in this case, a new segregation, a new ghettoization, a new Apartness, Apartheid as they’d say in Afrikaans.” Ezra, Lawyer from Rebel news explains

Ezra continues to explain how a democracy works “That’s too much to accept, and a ticket or a fine or a charge, even a criminal charge, was the price they’d pay, and that by making the so-called justice system process them, the system itself would be revealed to be wrong, or broken, and maybe it would therefor be fixed.”

The government has destroy the lives of millions of Canadians and children and need to be held accountable. The government works for the people and must explain itself to the people in a real democracy. Authoritarian dictatorships do not have to answer to the people and show any real proof or reasoning for the breaches to human rights. Canada is still a democracy and Tyrant Trudeau needs to answer to the people and stop talking about them and forcing his ideologies on to the people.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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