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Opinion: Unvaccinated trucker ban could be a hidden tax on Canadians to pay Trudeau’s over spending

Justin Trudeau, like many politicians, is determined to deepen the populace’s sense of pervasive fear and crisis, making it easier for him to seize more power.

A nations leader is required to look after the best interest of the people because the leader works for the people. So when a leader begins recklessly creating policies just to prove a non point with out showing any benefit or value to society, you know their regard for the citizens has been thrown out the window. Canadians are already facing sky rocketing housing prices (rental and ownership) and a huge spike in inflation that already hit because of pandemic related supply chain issues.

We are facing a new crisis here and it is multiple, repeat Government Policy failures. The new policy failure is the cross border truck vaccine mandate that took effect on January 15, 2022. multiple experts have cautioned Trudeau and his liberal party of the dangers such policy came bring to the Canadian economy, food supply and the quality of life for Canadians.

Estimates are that 80% to 90% of Canadian truckers and 50% to 60% of those in the U.S. are vaccinated.

Trucker spend 90% to 95% of their time alone in their truck driving on the roads. There are many services in Canada that don’t require a vaccine passport and hundreds of people regardless of their vaccine status interact in the environments everyday and sometimes multiple times per day. The cross border truckers don’t spend much time in either country as they drop off the shipment and they are gone to do their next job. With being said are they really that big of a threat to Public health that it outweighs the importance of getting the essential goods and supplies both countries need?

According to current research and real world data, the vaccines are good for helping reduce symptoms and severity in some people that get the COVID-19 vaccine and it does not make the vaccine in someone else’s body work any better if you get vaccinated. The vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection as we can see with real world data that a majority of cases and hospitalizations are the vaccinated people. A vaccine passport does nothing except say you got vaccinated, it’s a false sense of safety because they can’t tell if you’re infected with COVID or not (unless the conspiracy theorists were right that everyone got NANO RFID chips shot up in them with the vaccine.)

Although we do have technology for it already, it is currently not being used.

This unvaccinated trucker ban is the first public health measure with the potential to disrupt trade between Canada and the United States since the pandemic started.

Estimates are two-thirds of the $650 billion in Canada-U.S. trade annually is delivered by trucks, so any decrease in the number of truckers will contribute to shortages, driving up prices to consumers in a period of rising inflation.

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, about 16,000 drivers could be forced off the road. The federal government believes its measure will only 8,000 drivers. That is still a large number of drivers and we need these truckers on the road because we are already facing a supply chain issues and certainly don’t need any more government interference with government policy failure at the expense of the people.

Canada imports about $21 billion worth of agri-food products from the United States every year, and about 60 to 70% of the food imported arrives on wheels. That’s almost 20% of the food Canadians buy in foodservice and retail. It could mean a big impact on the wallets of the people and force more businesses to shut down because of COVID restriction and ever increasing prices.

The industry was already short 18,000 drivers. Given the average age in the trucking industry, the vaccine mandate could encourage many truckers to simply retire and exit the industry.

“We’re going to see people leaving over this,” Hitchcock said in an interview. He won’t force his drivers to get the shot. “How can I, the fourth generation of a family-owned business, mandate something that affects someone’s health? America’s about choice. We’re not allowing that.”

To avoid further supply disruptions, Dalhousie University’s Charlebois said the Trudeau government should back down, or at least delay the implementation of the border vaccine mandate.

“Omicron is hitting the entire food industry. That’s what’s been slowing things down, and the vaccine mandate could add fuel to the fire,” Charlebois said.

The ban on unvaccinated at border access can become a food security issue for Canadians

Canada is already 23,000 drivers short of what’s needed to meet demand, one of the reasons the continent’s supply chain has been struggling, said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. The pain will ultimately be felt by consumers in the form of higher prices; more than 70% of cross-border trade moves by truck, he said.

The trucking industry is already short 18,000 drivers Given the average age of truckers, the vaccine requirement may force many truckers to retire and leave the industry.

The vaccine has proven to be personal protection for yourself only therefore rending it unjustified to mandate vaccines because we can see with real world data and science the vaccine mandate makes no sense. We must just all agree as a society there will always be 10% to 15% of the population that will not get every vaccine on the market and we need to respect other people freedoms because their freedoms is our freedoms, if they lose their freedoms we lost our freedoms. With the introduction of the 3rd shot and the fourth already being talked about it calls for good speculation if we allow this to happen now, in the future the goal post will move again and you will need to make sure you’re “up to date” with you COVID shots and possibly other illness vaccines introduced to the policy.

The whole logical idea Trudeau was pitching on this policy is to stop the spread of COVID. Again with all the data out there and common sense that COVID can spread no matter what someone’s vaccination status is, do unvaccinated truckers really pose a threat of spreading COVID when they are interacting with a very limited number of people, a lower number than ever one else interacts with daily?

Anyone that applies the most basic common sense and logic (even a child can figure this out) Trudeau is a egotistic narcists pushing Government policy failures to just inflate product prices in Canada therefore causing Canadians to pay more for their goods and services and in turn the dollar figure collected in tax can be funneled to the government to recover all the wasteful spending the Liberals have done over the years and the hundreds of billions of dollars they printed during the pandemic and refuse to show where the money went.

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