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Opinion: Liberal opportunists exploit supposed “Conservatives didn’t stand”, neglect Justin Trudeau remained seated when Biden praised gender balanced cabinets

As more details keep flowing out to the public in regards to Chinese interference undermining Canada’s democracy, the Trudeau government desperately tries anything to distract from national security issues.

In the newest attempt to change the channel and divert the attention away from China infiltrating Canada comes from when US President Joe Biden mentioned “gender balanced” cabinets and told everyone to stand up and applaud.

The Liberal party appears to be flailing around screaming “look shiny object” at as many things they can and hope that Canadian’s have a short attention span when it comes to national security risks.

But ya, sure. Lets have some fun with this because the hypocrisy and ridiculousness needs to be pointed out. It’s ridiculous to appoint people based on filling “quotas” instead of picking someone that is best suited to do the job. It is up to the individuals, man or woman to prove they are the best fit – gender is not an accomplishment.

While it is publicly known of the mistreatment Justin Trudeau put Jody Wilson-Raybould through the liberals don’t actually have any moral high-ground but that didn’t stop them from winning a gold medal in mental gymnastics and twisting themselves into a pretzel

Two videos of the same instance were posted by the Liberals in an attack against the Conservative party about some bogus gender and diversity divisive politics. The videos show applauds from two different camera angles, one is from behind the Liberal party and another from the front.

While the Liberals are so desperate to get the spot light off Canadian’s demanding a public and fully transparent inquiry into the Communist Party of China influencing Canadian politics, they prove how dedicated they are to divisive political games.

Twitter user Jim Murphy pointed out the Liberals should have done a better job vetting their videos before posting them online.

“Awkward when the President of the United States has to tell Conservative MP’s to stand up for gender equality” Tweeted Jennifer O’Connell, Liberal Member of Parliament for Pickering-Uxbridge along with a video .

Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell once claimed confronting China’s foreign interference was somehow doing China’s bidding.

Liberal back bencher Mark Gerretsen tweeted “When @POTUS had to tell Conservatives MPs that even if they didn’t agree with gender parity, they better pretend they do.” Mark Gerretsen turned off comments for the tweet.

Lets take a look at the videos they posted side by side.

You can clearly see most of the Liberal party standing and many of the Conservative Party as well, Justin Trudeau remained seated even after Biden said “I’d stand up”, until Sophie looked at him and appears to have said something.

This just goes to show how hypercritical the Trudeau Liberals are every time they claim someone else is being divisive.

Even though their dear leader Justin Trudeau doesn’t stand they spend time and energy to try and spin some ridiculous narrative attacking the Conservatives in some stupid clown show “controversy”.

This is your money at work with the Liberals, trying anything they can to distract from the real issues impacting Canada’s national security and threatening its democracy and trust in institutions. Canadians deserve better than this.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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