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Billionaire companies remain open while small businesses are force to close.

We were told months ago that the economy would be reopening and we can start getting back to normal with no mandates and definently without that horrible vaccination passport (social credit system) when the vaccination rates got to 75%.

Before we start keep in mind madates are not laws and vaccinated people can still get infected and spread covid-19.

The goals come and go, come and go and they just keep moving the goal posts everytime. The economy is suffering especially small businesses. We keep hearing from small business owners they are very frustrated with the vaccine passport mandate because it is killing their business. A large amount of Canadians are saying they only got vaccinate to keep their jobs or because they wanted to, but they do not support the vaxpass because it “doesn’t make sense”.

This week we witnessed the first injunction on a business in B.C. that has been force to close their doors and have their business license suspended. Now before we start taking any sides, lets take a look at what happened leading up to this forced closure.

So the backstory to this is covid-19 mandate related. Go figure. We have multimillion dollar corporations that have been operating all 20 months pretty much untouched by any type of mandates. There’s giant supermarkets, grocery stores, retail stores, malls (some of which have cafeterias or food courts), banks, gas stations, convenience stores that don’t require vaxpass and many more.

Here’s an example list of giant corporations that have been on exposure and outbreak lists.

Source: CTV News COVID-19 exposures: Here’s how many B.C. grocery stores, pharmacies posted warnings in the past week

Source: CTV News

These big names just get to keep operating like business as usual. Ya, sure they may close for a bit after the exposure but they open back up business as normal because they are essential services.

Now small businesses they have a whole set of different rules depending on the type of business they run and could also be seen as essential business. Restaurants, lets face it we as a society are super lazy now and not many people cook at home when it’s so convenient to get food almost anywhere and someone else cooks it for you. They are also great for when you’re traveling because who brings a kitchen with them everywhere they go? You never know when you will get hungry especially on long drives for work or pleasure.

The different set of rules for restaurants compared to other “essential” business massive corporations is they have to enforce the vaccine passport mandates and become vaccine police and turn away pro privacy and freedom customers that don’t want to show a vaxpass. This is one of the most hypocritical things the government can impose on our economy because these restaurants have followed the same rules as the grocery stores but unlike the grocery stores they have not been any source of covid-19 exposure or outbreaks.

This is crazy and makes no sense. Multimillion dollar corps can skip the vaxpass while being sources of exposure and small businesses that have never been a source must close their doors because they didn’t want to be vaccine police.

Rolly’s Hope, B.C.

The restaurant we’re talking about is located in Hope and the name is Rolly’s. A few weeks ago they had their business license suspended and then yesterday an injunction hearing was held in B.C. court. A Gestapo police office was parked in the parking lot all day (just doing their job) making sure the business doesn’t open (for your safety).

Searching the restaurant in Google it shows they have lots of good reviews.

The closing down of these small businesses kind of reminds me of a law from the 1930’s in Germany. Just swap one word to ‘unvaccinated’.

To read up on it Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life

Source: ushmm.org

In conclusion how can the government justify forcing small businesses to require to be vaccine police if many of them have never been a source of spreading covid-19?

It just doesn’t make sense.

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