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People’s Party of Canada leadership review results are in.

Just shortly after Canada election 2021 Maxime Bernier put up a leadership review vote request on himself. There was no mutiny within the party and no party members asked for this review.

The People’s Party of Canada members had the opportunity to cast their votes. The voting period lasted 21 days and was conducted by third party firm SimplyVoting.

Today we have official announcement from the People’s Party of Canada Executive Director, Daniel Tyrie. Maxime Bernier confirmed as PPC leader by membership.
“The People’s Party of Canada is proud to announce the results of our first-ever leadership review!” Quoted from the People’s Part of Canada new release.

“Maxime Bernier’s leadership was overwhelmingly confirmed by party members following the review process launched last month.” Tyrie said in a news post to their website.

As we can see from the numbers released from PPC headquarters, 57.5% of members actually voted in the leadership review. Nonetheless Maxime Bernier still garnished a whopping 95.6% support from all the PPC members that voted.

“With 15454 votes cast and a voter participation rate of 57.5%, Max received overwhelming support with 95.6% of the vote and will remain as PPC Leader!” Tyrie said.

In the leadership review survey members were given the choices to answer Yes or No. The question was. “Do you support Maxime Bernier remaining as Leader of the People’s Party of Canada?”

Max gave a short speech thanking PPC members for their support and vowed to continue with his mission as PPC party leader to represent the members of his party and their platform.

“I am extremely proud to know I have the support of the vast majority of our members. I believe this vote signals a strong unity within our party around the principles and policies that I have been defending since its founding,” said Bernier. “We have grown so much over the last three years, but we’re just getting started. I have big plans for the PPC to prepare us for the 45th General Election and I am excited to get to work with this newfound mandate!” said Max after the results announcement.

The vote took place between November 12th and December 3rd. All PPC members with active membership by September 20th, 2021 (the date of the 44th General Election) were allowed to vote. Official results from SimplyVoting are available on their website at https://ppc.simplyvoting.com/

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