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N.B. Premier Higgs has mixed feelings about unvax tax, didn’t say yes or no to mandatory vaccines

On January 12, 2022 Premier Blaine Higgs talks about the lock down for the next 16 days and villainizes the unvaccinated

On January 14, 2022 the New Brunswick will be in “level 3” lock down response for 16 days to “flatten the curve”. When asked what will happen if in 16 days on January 30th, they are still at about 200 hospitalizations for covid cases what will happen if we are still up are 220 people in the hospital?
“we are optimistic after this 16 days, we will be able to turn and move upward and live with covid 2022” Higgs said, adding that people should get vaccinated “we need the boosting program to be expedited, we really need people to roll up their sleeves” which is weird to hear because over 83 per cent of the N.B population is double dose vaccinated and 28.7 per cent with 3 shots. This statistics shows that people already “really rolled up their sleeves” for herd immunity the first goal post at 60 percent adults vaccinated with 1 dose then to 70 percent. it moved again to double dose 70 per cent and now here we are with Higgs demanding double vaccinated be phased out and go the way of Quebec and ramp up 3 doses.

Premier Blaine Higgs shows delusions of achieving COVID zero, get vaccinated “and reach that herd immunity”. This makes no sense because everyone already knows with real science and logic reading real world statistics there are people double vaxxed and triple vaxxed in the hospital.

Higgs becomes unhinged from reality and Canadian society at this point and follows Trudeau with villainizing fellow Canadians because of their personal choice or because they have a medical reason they can’t get vaccinated “and we also need to deal with the unvaccinated for what ever reason chose to put many people at risk.”

The New Brunswick COVID-19 dashboard is trash and doesn’t provide relevant information to support the claim Higgs made about how many cases are in the hospital for COVID-19. There is no break down to show which cases are “incidental” cases where the patient is in the hospital for non COVID-19 related issues and just happened to test positive at admission. It is common knowledge Ontario was doing the same thing until just recently after public pressure they revealed they were artificially driving up the numbers and half of the cases in the hospital are not for COVID-19. Anyone in hospital is call a COVID-19 cases as long as the test positive even if that is not what they are there for COVID-19. Also common knowledge, even when they are no longer infected and testing negative they were counted as a COVID-19 hospital case is they were actually there for something else unrelated.

39minutes asked about unvax tax what is he thinking about “everything is on the table”

When Higgs was asked about the unvaccinated tax Quebec is putting forward to impose on Quebecers , what is on the table for him to make live more difficult and inconvenient for the unvaccinated (soon will mean less than 3 doses) “I think everything is has to be on the table” he replied.

Since December 1, 2021, 30 people have died in New Brunswick and they were 77 per cent were either “unvaccinated, partial vaccinated or behind in the booster shot” 23 of the 30 of the people that died. “And others had compromising factors”.

Higgs commented about the extra health tax on personal choice Quebec has pushed forward. “we have to look at in the context of that our public health system” in reference to the Canada Health Act. He explains adding the extra health tax will open up to looking at other medical issues having a extra health tax applied to them if we go down this road “and where does that stop” Higgs said.

“You can say this is different because it is impacting many, but at the same token you have to be careful you’re not in the position that, ok does it mean something if someone comes in doesn’t have the same healthy factors or doesn’t look after themselves a well as other. Where does that all go?”

After speaking sense to the universal healthcare system Canada has Higgs begins a hate speech to divide the people in the province. With an incoherent statement Higgs tells us that he will limit the gatherings for unvaccinated individuals by forcing New Brunswick residents to shun their friends, family and other community members that are unvaccinated because he will ban them from mingling with the vaccinated. Higgs made a unscientific statement for his reasoning for the idea. He only wants vaccinated people passing the virus to other vaccinated people and the unvaccinated passing the virus between the unvaccinated because this will slow or stop the spread. Science shows the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or transmission.

Higgs continues to other and dehumanize the unvaccinated “we cannot continue to revolve around an unvaccinated population that is having a significant impact on 90 percent of the population”. If you think you are safe from the segregation because you are double jabbed that may come to an end because people not “up to date” with their booster shot are also in hospital and counted in his numbers of so called unvaccinated in the hospital. The dashboard doesn’t show us these figures so it is hard to believe anything he is saying.

Although Higgs made it sound like they are not going to implement a unvaccinated tax there was no promise of it. It will be hard to trust his word because of all the fascist statements he made during his answer. There was no mention of any mandatory vaccine policy either.

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