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Watch CBC financial expert tells Canadians to stop being poor to mitigate impacts from inflation

If you have been struggling because of skyrocketing inflation, worry no more. Just the other day we got some mind blowing advice from CBC personal finance ‘expert’ Rubina Ahmed-Haq.

“One way you can mitigate that is speak to your employer about getting a raise.” she said on CBC

She said it is completely reasonable for people to ask their boss for a raise given the way the labor market is and high inflation rates. She added people should be telling their employers it has become impossible to afford living in the cities they were hired in.

“If that doesn’t work, looking for another job, especially if you’ve got skills that are in demand, will often give you the bump that you need to afford that apartment and that rent that goes with it,” she said. 

Canadians have been fighting and up hill battle with inflation since last year and all Justin Trudeau could say is he doesn’t think about monetary policy.

BC Rise reported in March of this year economists predict inflation to reach a 30-year high this year. According to stats Canada inflation reached 8.1% year over year in June, following a 7.7% gain in May. The increase was the largest yearly change since January 1983. The acceleration in June was mainly due to higher prices for gasoline.

In some areas of British Columbia, residents are paying around 60 cents gas tax per liter of gasoline.

This month it was reported by Black Locks Reporter CBC handed out $30 million in bonuses throughout the pandemic at the expense of taxpayers.

This segment comes after former CBC reporter Marianne Klowak left her position because she said the broadcaster was ignoring journalistic principles.

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