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Trudeau wants to hide his travel activities from you but wants to track you with ArriveCAN

This public servant, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wants to hide his travel activates from Canadians but wants to track Canadians with ArriveCAN.

Prime Minister and the Governor General public access to real time flight tracking may drop off the radar says The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), including tens of thousands thousands of other Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) flights.

Currently no decision has yet been made by the RCAF, according to Globe and Mail, but flight tracking websites are currently under investigation. However CANFORCE flights are already being blocked, and Le Bouthillier said that is under investigation.

The RCAF is engaging with NAV Canada, Transport Canada, and other partners to enhance security on “certai military aircraft flights, according to Daniel Le Bouthillier, the director of media relations for the Department of National Defence.

“This includes potential measures to limit the visibility of RCAF aircraft on publicly accessible aircraft tracking platforms,” said Le Bouthillier.

Le Bouthiller also said the real time tracking for a majority of military flights is of no concern to Canadian military operations.

“Having the position and movements of our aircraft visible via tracking platforms is not a concern for the large majority of operational scenarios – for example, when conducting search and rescue operations, transport or transit flights, or routine training where there is no risk to operational security.”

While the RCAF says if they move forward with the restricting tracking access to CAF flight they insist the information will “still be publicly available later.” 

“Passenger manifests could be obtained by access-to-information requests,”  Le Bouthillier said.

an American college student in Florida named Jack Sweeney is the creator of popular Twitter account “ElonJet” which tracks movements of Elon Musks private jet based on publicly available air traffic data. He published an email from the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in regards to a request for blocking Canadian call signs to aviation stakeholders on his Twitter account. 

FAA analyst William Blacker wrote in the email to aviation stakeholders that “NAV Canada is working to improve operational security of some of their sensitive flight data. NAV Canada is pursuing additional options, but has requested several call sign combinations to be added to the Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed program  Filter file.”

A list of call signs was included in the email that Canada wanted to block from real-time flight tracking which covers thousands of aircrafts: CANFORCE, HUNTER, HUSKY, JUNO, MOLSON, ODIN, PATHFINDER, SONIC, VIMY, BUBBLY and any call signs between CANFORCE 1 to CANFORCE 9999.

prime minister (CANFORCE ONE) and Governor General (CANFORCE 3701.)

according to Post media, Franco Terrazzano from The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s said the blanket bans on flight data is putting questionable “security” claims over that of public accountability.

“Why do reporters need to use flight trackers to figure out where the prime minister is?” he said.

“Before the government pushes for any of these changes, if they want to make sure that there is no suspicion, then they need to improve transparency.”

Why does the public need access?

For starters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on claiming he will be running an open and transparent government. He said in a statement “Government and its information must be open by default.”

“If we are to overcome these obstacles, Canadians need to have faith in their government’s honesty and willingness to listen. That is why we committed to set a higher bar for openness and transparency in Ottawa. Government and its information must be open by default”

The Climate Change virtue signaling from the Trudeau Liberal government has been under fire as the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other government officials jet across the skies.

The Prime Minister of Canada has a habit of not publishing all his tax payer funded private jet travels on the PMO itinerary.

Last Trudeau created a new “special” day in Canada called “Truth and Reconciliation day.” He was invited to the first ever “Truth and Reconciliation day.” event in Kamloops B.C. While Justin Trudeau was busy telling Canadians how important “Truth and Reconciliation” is and we should all celebrate the “Truth and Reconciliation day”, he declined the offer to celebrate the first “Truth and Reconciliation day” and was caught on public air traffic tracking software flying to his rental home in Tofino, B.C. on Sept. 30, 2021 reported The Post Millennial.

A report published in April 2022 by the National Post revealed the PM flew over 127,147 km since June of the previous year while 50,680 kilometres were racked up in just 7 weeks.

Governor General Mary Simon is also guilty of questionable flights and expenses. Canadian tax payers footed a bill of approximately $100,000 for in-flight catering during Simons trip to the Expo 2020 in Dubi, reported the Canadian Taxpayer Foundation.

In the past 30 days, CANFORCE ONE has flown eighteen documented flights, covering a distance of roughly 45,317 kilometres. These flights include a 40-kilometer “dead head” flight on Monday from Kelowna to Penticton to pick up the prime minister and transport him to events in Vancouver, as well as a 231-kilometer flight scheduled for Thursday night from Sydney, Newfoundland, to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Justin Trudeau wants his travel habits hidden from you but on the other hand wants to keep tracking everyone flying in and around Canada using the ArriveCAN app, but not only that he also resumed random Covid-19 testing for everyone regardless of their vaccination status after suspending random covid-19 testing just 4 weeks prior.

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