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UK Freedom protesters welcome Trudeau on Downing Street chanting “F*ck Trudeau”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was welcomed with a freedom protest outside 10 Downing Street in London, England on Monday, heckled and mocked for his continuing support for unscientific COVID-19 restrictions and his use of the War Measures Act Emergencies Act to crush peaceful protesters and political dissidents.

Trudeau was met by protesters outside of 10 Downing Street’s gates with a warm welcoming from the crowd of demonstrators chanting “F*ck Trudeau” and waved Canada flags. In other parts of London, others were held “puppet Trudeau” and “free Tamara” signs. The sign for Tamara is referring to the Ottawa Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, who was arrested as part of the police crackdown and currently being held in prison with the charge of mischief as a political prisoner because all blockades were gone when she was arrested and there was no Emergency to justify the Emergencies Act.

Shameful PM Justin Trudeau however didn’t enter from the front entrance of UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s official residence. Instead he took an alternative entrance.

In February Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history since it was changed from the War Measures Act to the Emergencies Act in his reaction to the nation wide demonstrations opposing his unscientific and illogical pandemic restrictions.

Shortly after the Emergencies Act was invoked the Ottawa police saw this as permission to give themselves extra powers to go above the law committing grouped assaults on peaceful protesters batons to the head and knees to the ribs, trampling demonstrators down in the street with horses and arresting unarmed protesters at gun point while other smashing other protesters in the head and body with the butt end of their assault rifles’.

The government also gave itself over reaching power to freeze bank accounts and seize assets without due processes by altering terrorist financing laws.

Trudeau’s decision to use the act was not only criticized in Canada but also received wide condemnation abroad. Just last week protesters gathered outside outside the Canadian embassy in New York City, with a number of international politicians accusing the prime minister of behaving like a dictator. 

Among those who spoke out against Trudeau was UK MP Marcus Fysh, who called Trudeau’s actions “authoritarian measures.” 

“I am writing today to the Foreign Secretary to ask her what the UK is doing to discourage Canada from arbitrary & authoritarian measures against Canadian residents & their rights. We should do what we can to help our good friends there find a better way,” tweeted Fysh. 

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