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Tyrant Trudeau’s fascist mounted police trample elderly lady and a young man at Freedom protest in Ottawa

On Friday, mounted police in Ottawa attempted to remove Freedom Convoy demonstrators from the streets. Following the stomping of an elderly woman by mounted police officers in a gathering of peaceful protesters, conflicting information have arisen about her condition.

The woman trampled by the mounted police may have died in the hospital, according to Fox News contributor Sara Carter. Others claim that the elderly woman has only been injured.

According to video posted online, at least one other protester was trampled during the assault.


The incident captured on video shows the mounted police charge through a crowd, with peaceful protestors saying “hold the line.”

“We are a peaceful protest,” the elderly woman is heard saying shortly before the incident.
People begin to scream as a mounted police officer plows down and tramples the elderly woman with his horse.

Trudeau supports flooded social media with false claims a bicycle was thrown at the police horse. Ottawa Police were quick to pick up on this false claim and spread the disinformation from their twitter account.

Other twitter users were quick to call out Trudeau supports for spreading disinformation.

“Trudeau supporters are falsely claiming the woman who was trampled by police horses in Ottawa threw a bicycle at the police, having spotted it in the video. It’s a wheeled walker for the handicapped and the elderly.” Wrote @stillgray twitter user Ian Mile Cheong.

With another tweet he calls out Ottawa Police for lying on their public twitter feed “Ottawa Police lied. This was the elderly woman trampled by the horses”

“As this was happening a bicycle was thrown at the feet of one of the horses in an attempt to injure it. One person was arrested for intentionally harming a police service animal.” the false claim was posted to Ottawa Police twitter account.

However, photos of the incident show that the woman who was stomped was using a walking assist device.

This led many to accuse the Ottawa police of spreading disinformation about the incident.
“If the bicycle you allege was thrown was really just the mobility scooter of the disabled woman you trampled, you really ought to delete these tweets and apologize, @OttawaPolice” True North’s Candice Malcolm tweeted.

In another video that was captured on the ground it shows the incident from another angle which appears to show the bicycle that was so called thrown at the horse but from our observations the bike never left the hands of the man holding it and he backed away form the horses as the charged in. We can also see at the 8 second mark to the far right in the video the man in the brown jacket that was also trampled by the horse tried to protect the elderly woman moments before he got stomped in to the ground.

We found another post to Twitter saying the elderly woman is apparently alive but has a injured arm. “Just so everyone is aware. She is okay. She has a sore shoulder we were told. She is my aunt. I’ve seen people calling her metis else where. She is full blood Mohawk woman just so we don’t spread false information” reads the screen grab

This tweet then lead us to search on facebook because it appears the screen grab was done from facebook. We found the following post. Click here to see the post on facebook

“These were her words to the police, right before. Her name is Candice Sero & She is a full blood Mohawk woman. ❤️” as the description reads on facebook

Ottawa police claim that no one has been seriously injured. But we are unable to confirm the status of the guy in the brown jacket.

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