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Protesters in Hamilton call Justin Trudeau a tyrant, demanding his resignation

Justin Trudeau was on his way to a bar for a function during his cabinet retreat when a tense scene erupted.

The narcissist PM who has embraced authoritarianism, censorship and division as his political and personal pillars during his time as Prime Minister was met by a large crowd of Canadian freedom protesters flying Canada maple leaf flags and some signs being carried that read “F*ck Trideau” while some yelled “You f*cking tyrant!” and “Resign!”

Harrison Faulkner with True North captured footage and posted it on Twitter.

Earlier in the day, angry protesters met up with Trudeau outside of his cabinet retreat and yelled at him that he was destroying the country. 

“You will not get away with destroying Canada.” a protester is heard saying.

“Does this look like a leader that has the respect of his people?” Bexte quipped

One protester is seen with a sign that reads “Communism has no home here”

“Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet made their way to Hamilton, Ont. on Monday for the first day of a three-day retreat that will focus predominantly on growing and strengthening the economy, making life more affordable and improving health care for Canadians” reports Global News.

Throughout the three day retreat a wave of peaceful protests have followed the woke Prime Minster who imposed harsh lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

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