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Health Minister Adrian Dix limits discussion, turns off Twitter comments

British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix ha begun to shut down comments on his Twitter posts.

On Tuesday January 24, 2023 it has been observed that the comment sections have been disabled. What first appeared to be shutting down debate on the posts related to Covid-19 is going widespread across all his earlier posts as well.

BC Rise monitored the Twitter account of Adrian Dix yesterday and witnessed the replies on older posts get locked down in real time.

The Twitter account of British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix appears to look like a Covid-19 advertisement spam bot as it lacks any helpful details or information about anything related to health.

Dix appears to be obsessed with Covid-19, continuously posting “get vaccinated” messages and information where to find locations for Covid-19 “vaccine” injection sites.

Users regularly post comments criticizing Dix for lack of transparency to Covid-19 decision making. The criticism for lack of transparency is supported by the Covid-19 lessons learned review, a review of the BC Covid-19 response conducted by independent body.

The “COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review” asked for public engagement from March 16, 2022 to April 20, 2022. On December 2, 2022, the report was finalized and released to the public to view.

Before the review even began the government tried to limit any criticism of their decisions and policies by forbidding any recommendations being added to the report.

“The level of trust in the B.C. government’s response to the pandemic was very high in the initial stages,” they reported. “But it has eroded.”

Government stakeholders noted unacceptable standards of accountability in their submissions to the COVID-19 Lessons Learned.

“there was strict central control of the messaging, including actively discouraging any questioning or challenging of the PHO.”

BC Rise reached out to BC Health Minister Adrian Dix, unfortunately he did not respond. This report will be updated if he responds.

Here are the questions BC Rise asked the supposed BC Health Minister.

Why have you disabled the comments on your posts?

What is your response to British Columbians that say you’re trying to limit debate and silence critics and opposition while dodging accountability by turning off comments?

Will you be disabling comments on all your posts going forward into the future? If not, is there a certain topic you are locking down? If you are locking down certain topics what are the topics?

The covid-19 lessons learned review concluded the BC NDP government has failed to provide “the why” with rationale and supporting evidence for government decisions with the covid-19 response. As a government official do you not have an obligation to answer to criticism from BC residents and your constituents about decisions you make without any supporting evidence?

Why are you afraid of people debating within the comment sections of your posts?

Do you find it acceptable to ignore questions from your constituents and residents of British Columbia?

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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