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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Accuses Bill C-21 Opposition Of Disinformation While He Spreads Disinformation And Lies

Two weeks before the end of the year Trudeau asked Canadians to ask him questions and said he will answer some questions.

Trudeau’s media relations team wasn’t short of questions to put forward to the Prime Minister as the tweet garnished over 30,000 comments.

The comments ranged in flavor from just straight up criticism of Trudeau and his Liberal government to softball questions and some people took it serious and asked hard questions.

On Thursday, December 29, 2022, Trudeau posted another video on social media of him answering some of the questions which one person asked if Trudeau was going to scrap the his Liberal governments gun grab Bill C-21.

“The answer is no” said Trudeau, “C-21 is part of our commitment to Canadians to move forward on strengthening gun control in smart responsible ways”

“It is now impossible to buy and sell handguns in the country,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lies about the handgun ban:

He went on to claim it will be “impossible” to buy and sell handguns in Canada because the Trudeau government deemed handguns illegal “We have frozen the market on hand guns. It is now impossible to buy and sell handguns in the country”.

Trudeau appears to have taken aim at legal gun owning Canadians instead of criminals.

“Most crime guns seized by police in Canada’s largest city this summer came from outside of Canada, according to data gleaned from a Toronto police Twitter account,” wrote the National Post

The National Post also noted from the data gathered from the @TPSGunsSeized Twitter account the majority of guns that were seized are prohibited in Canada. Which means the guns that were taken off the streets were already illegal to buy and sell in Canada but here they are in Canada.

When a politician tells you something is impossible because it is illegal, they are either lying to you or they’re naïve considering murder is illegal in Canada and murder still happens.

In a firearms trafficking bust on May 28, 2022 resulted in the seizure of 62 guns in total. Six people, ages 27 to 62, were detained and now face around 260 criminal charges. All of the guns seized by the Toronto Police Service are already illegal to own in Canada, which proves it is 100% possible for criminals to buy and sell handguns in Canada even if they are made “illegal” as they are already prohibited weapons and illegally smuggled in to Canada from the United States.

Two years ago Bill C-21 the Trudeau Liberals proposed gun grab started off as a handgun ban which critics have said morphed into an all out assault on legal gun ownership for licensed and RCMP vetted Canadian gun owners as the Trudeau government set their sights on so-called “assault” style weapons, a category of gun Trudeau’s Liberal government aim to create.

“We have moved forward on the ban on assault style weapon that has been in place for two years and we’re making sure with C-21 that assault weapons will never be legal again in this country.” said Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spreads disinformation about Bill C-21.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accuses the Conservative Party and concerned Canadians of so-called “misinformation and disinformation” while doing exactly that himself in the same sentence.

“There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation from the Conservative party and the gun lobby about us going after hunting rifles and shotguns. The reality we are focused on banning the most dangerous weapons those assault style weapons that were designed to kill the largest number of people as quickly and efficiently as possible”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino have spent months in the House of Commons and committee meetings denying their gun grab is targeting legal gun owners. They have taken every opportunity to demonize and accuse any opposition to Bill C-21 of spreading so-called “misinformation and disinformation” claiming they are not going after hunting, sport and target shooting guns.

The majority of gun crime in Canada is committed with a handgun. There use to be a time decades ago when gun crimes were committed with rifles or long guns but the gun of choice for criminals these days is a handgun.

“We’re now at the stage where pistols, revolvers and handguns are now the weapon of choice for criminals.” said Scott Blandford, assistant professor and program coordinator for policing and public safety at Wilfrid Laurier University according to the National Post.

With an 11th hour amendment the Trudeau Liberal government snuck in a 400-page schedule of long guns to be criminalized and would ban most semi-automatic guns, these are guns that reload another round each time the trigger is pulled.

The amendment was quickly criticized from Canadians and politicians of all political stripes.

Conservative MP Raquel Dancho called it “an attack on hunters.

“The arbitrary criteria that the Liberal government has snuck into their legislation at the eleventh hour without democratic debate does not make these firearms any less of a hunting tool,” she said.

“The amendment came out of nowhere,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus, whose riding covers a vast swath of northern Ontario that includes many remote First Nations. “This was a handgun bill. We suddenly saw this other legislation that has a lot of people who are legitimate gun owners worried. I think they overreached.”

“The way this amendment landed has frankly been a complete and total abuse of process,” he said. 

After the amendment even Liberal MP’s started to say they won’t support Bill C-21

“This is really upsetting. Many Yukoners … regularly hunt, either as a food source or for the recreational aspects of hunting,” Hanley told CBC News. “I’m not happy with this and I’m not in a position to support this bill at this point with those amendments in play,” he said.

Trudeau finally admitted Bill C-21 is targeting hunters and some firearms will be taken “away from people who were using them to hunt.” during a recent interview on CTV News.

In a few weeks when the House resumes it is said debates will pick back up for Bill C-21 will and call witnesses for input.

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