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Pierre Poilievre pulls in a massive crowd in Calgary

Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre pulled in a massive crowd in Carlgary, Alberta at his campaign rally.

In Calgary there was 5,000 people that showed up to show support

According to organizers, over 7,000 RSVP’d to the event, and more are coming. The hype is real, and traffic jams have built up along the road to the rally reported The Counter Signal

“People haven’t felt so free in this country, have they,” Poilievre began. “Whether it’s the fourteen-year-old girl suffering depression after separation from her sport[s] and social activities for two long years; whether it’s the waitress who mortgaged her house to start a business only to have it locked down again and again until she couldn’t open it up anymore; whether it is the hard-working trucker who delivered the goods and services that we need —”

The rally erupted in a large rumble of cheering at the mention of truckers, all but drowning out Poilievre as he continued praising their gusto and disparaging Trudeau for his tyrannical response.

While Pierre Poilievre rally in Langley was smaller with a crowd of what was reported as 500 people in the venue because of fire code capacity limits, there was another 1,000 people outside un the rain showing support.

Penetrating the Liberal and NDP market Pierre had a packed event at the Vancouver’s Croatian Cultural Centre with a crowd estimated over 1,100 people in attendance.

It appears after years of Red Erin, Calgarians and Canadas are fed up with the Trudeau government and ready for a government that will defund CBC, denounce WEF and end the virtue signaling carbon tax.

The Trudeau tour however is going terrible. Everywhere he gose he is booed and denounced.

Most recently in his visit to Victoria, B.C. with Lisa Help. His presence draws a crowd of disdain and it has gotten so bad he is hiding his itinerar trying to avoid protests.

Pierre Poilievre is being met with cheers and celebrations across the country while Justin Trudeau hides from Canadians slithering in back doors like a snake even oversea. If people keep rallying support behind Pierre we may see an opponent able to knock Trudeau off his podium.

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