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Trudeau “YOU SUCK” – gets heckled and booed outside Victoria City Hall

Trudeau met yet again with heckling and being honked at by Freedom Convoy supporters — this time by protesters in Victoria, BC.

Most recently while entering Victoria City Hall to speak with Mayor Lisa Helps, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was blasted with boos and honking. A visit from most leaders would be a much softer welcoming, but the presence him draws a crowd of disdain.

As Trudeau quickly walked from his SUV to the building. A few feet away, protestors’ truck horns were blasting, “You suck!” one person yelled, to which Trudeau sarcastically waved back.

Trudeau’s visit was prepared for by ramping up CCTV cameras in public spaces, as announced by Victoria Police Department. A trained sniper also casually stared down protestors.

“We are deploying these temporarily placed, monitored cameras in public spaces in accordance with BC and national privacy legislation. The cameras will be taken down a short time after the event. Temporary signs are posted to ensure that those in the area are aware,” Victoria Police stated.

Thirty minutes later on his way out protestors let him have one more time as he jumped in the getaway car and took off.

Many people will remember recently Justin Trudeau flew to Vancouver without notice, and British Columbians organized a spontaneous giant demonstration outside his hotel within hours.

It seems that everywhere he goes he gets denounced.

On his trip to Europe four weeks ago when he went to England visiting Boris Johnson he tried to sneak in the back door. With the shameful greeting he was flamed being called a “disgrace to democracy” and a “dictator” by politicians in the EU

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