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Mélanie Joly responds to the fall of the Sri Lanka government “Violence against peaceful protestors and journalists is unacceptable”

Mélanie Joly praised the Sri Lanka storming of the president home and occupation of other government buildings and officials homes calling it a “right to protest peacefully”.

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Mélanie Joly posted her support on social media saying it was a “clear expression of the desire for a better Sri Lanka.” claiming she supports “The right to protest peacefully must be upheld.””

“The July 9th protests in Sri Lanka were a clear expression of the desire for a better Sri Lanka. Canada supports a peaceful, constitutional path forward that supports urgent action on economic and political reform. “

“Violence against peaceful protestors and journalists is unacceptable and those responsible must be held accountable. The right to protest peacefully must be upheld.”

On June 28 2022, Sri Lankan’s experienced “gas lockdowns” where it was almost impossible to get gas reported by the Financial Post.

“Port, health services, food transport will be provided petrol and diesel while all other sectors are requested to stay at home and provide services online in this difficult time,” Gunawardena said. “Our country is facing an unprecedented state of finance and foreign exchange crisis.”

This past weekend it was reported Sri Lankans stormed the Presidents home to protest for the president to resign because the economic failures caused by government policy failures.

The Sri Lankans occupied the presidential properties, buildings and homes of other government officials vowing not to leave until the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa made good with his promise and steps down.

Mélanie Joly says she supports peaceful protesting however there is a little bit of contradicting in evidence as she was in full support of Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act against Canadians peacefully protesting.

Last winter Canadian Truckers rolled across Canada in a demonstration named the Freedom Convoy and arrived at the foot steps of Parliament Hill in a demonstration of civil disobedience against Covid-19. Justin Trudeau fled the city to avoid the Canadians making the cross country treck to ask him questions.

Trudeau claimed he had Covid-19 and went in to hiding but made appearances on TV to insult and name call hard working Canadians that wanted answers. Multiple times he said they are a “fringe minority”, “misogynists”, “racist” and “white supremacists”.

Mélanie Joly responds to use of Emergencies Act against Truckers Freedom Protest:

While the truckers for freedom convoy was playing out with thousands of protestors in Ottawa, Joly followed Trudeau’s lead and spewed divisive hate speech promoting Covid-19 vaccine supremacy.

Joly also went as far as making wild accusations with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Bimbo Joly accused the Freedom Convoy of foreign interference and foreign funding which all turned out to be a false claim and debunked.

“there’s a right for peaceful process in Canada and we obviously want to make sure that that right is uphold but we’re past that at this point” Joly said at the Munich Security Conference 2022

One of the sources was FINTRAC Deputy Director of Intelligence Barry MacKillop, he informed the Commons finance committee in February that donations to the convoy came from people fed up with COVID-19 measures, and not from terrorists. 

“It was their own money. It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering,” said MacKillop.

“My biggest concern as the foreign minister at this point is the foreign interference that is happening in the convoy we’re seeing in Canada right now. The disinformation campaign, where it comes from. The financing of it, where it comes from.” Joly said to CNBC

When speaking to CNBC Joly went as far as to attribute the peaceful protestors in Ottawa to terrorists claiming because in her own words she said breaking traffic laws, parking illegally and getting a parking ticket is some how a “national security threat” and for imaginary reasons it justifies invoking the Emergencies Act stripping all Canadians of their civil liberties giving police across the country unprecedented powers and the government ability to freeze bank accounts.

Peaceful protestors and independent journalists attacked by police:

After three weeks which saw tens of thousands of people take part in the peaceful protesting against Trudeau’s illogical and unscientific Covid-19 mandates, Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act formerly known as the War Measures Act.

A older woman and a young man were trampled by Police horses during the peaceful protest while the Ottawa police lied about the situation on the ground. The Ottawa police claim someone threw a bicycle at the police horse when video footage clearly shows otherwise. BC Rise reported on that incident here, and includes another camera angel of the incident.

Rebel News independent journalist Alexa Lavoie was attacked by Ottawa police and smashed with a baton a few times while also being pepper sprayed. She was on the front line reporting from deep in the action.

Another independent Journalist, this time for True North, Andrew Lawton was also pepper sprayed by Ottawa place while reporting.

More on Sri Lanka Uprising:

In April 2021 Sri Lanka banned the imports of chemical fertilizer. “The domestic rice production was reduced by more than 20 per cent. The decline in tea production could cost the country to the tune of $425 million.” reported India Today

The new fertilizer policy that banned imports of chemical fertilizer was a radical attempt to “supposedly make a transition towards organic farming.” according to the Tamil Guardian. Sri Lanka farmers across the country started to protest the ban. Several months later in November 2021 the ban on imports for chemical fertilizer was lifted because the chemical fertilizer ban, combined with bad weather, led to falling crop yields and contributed to inflation hitting a 47-month high of 8.3% in October with food inflation at 11.7%. according to Reuters.

For months they have been struggling with daily power cuts and shortages of basics like fuel, food and medicines as Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa flees the country on military jet reported BBC Sunday July 10, 2022.

Sky News reported, Wickremesinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, In his first address to the nation since his controversial appointment in April 2022. He warned that the next couple of months “will be the most difficult ones of our lives. We must prepare ourselves to make some sacrifices and face the challenges of this period”.

He warned that the next couple of months “will be the most difficult ones of our lives. We must prepare ourselves to make some sacrifices and face the challenges of this period”.

Justin Trudeau made a very similar announcement of a ‘Difficult time’ ahead with food shortages reported by BC Rise on April 3, 2022. The president of the United States Joe Biden also warned in March 2022 “food shortages are going to be real,”

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