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Freeland slammed by Canadians over cancel Disney+ remarks

Last weekend an episode of The West Block aired on Global News which had an interview with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. While Freeland encourages Canadians to cut their Disney+ subscriptions she was quickly lambasted and called “out of touch” with Canadians.

Anchor Mercedes Stephenson asked Freeland about rising costs of living, inflation, rising rates and cutting back wasteful government spending because the government is huge. She asked what the government will do to help all Canadians as they get taken to the cleaners every time the fuel up or buy groceries.

If the government isn’t going to cut taxes or pause other tax increases. What is the government going to do to help Canadians that are being hit hard by the increasing living costs and inflation? Stephenson asked Freeland. During Chrystia Freeland’s response she advised Canadians that are struggling with the 40 year high inflation to just get rid of their Disney+ subscription.

“I personally, as a mother and wife, look carefully at my credit card bill once a month. And last Sunday, I said to the kids, ‘you’re older now. You don’t watch Disney anymore. Let’s cut that Disney+ subscription,’” she explained. “So we cut it. It’s only $13.99 a month that we’re saving, but every little bit helps.”

Freeland claims she will be taking the same approach to the federal level as parents do to cut costs with their personal finances.

“Because that’s money of Canadians,” she stated.

“We need to spend to support Canadians. We need to spend to invest in growth — like investing in the green transition.”

She also stated that a close examination of federal finances would be conducted, and the president of the Treasury Board would discover $6 billion in savings.

Freeland earns around the figure of $280,000 per year paid by taxpayers, the Trudeau government also gave themselves 3 pay raises during the pandemic.

Freeland got annihilated on social media for the tone def and out of touch remarks because Canadians aren’t struggling to afford Disney+ they are struggling with living costs taht keep going up.

“Saving enough for 45 seconds of rent” one user said

Some have already cut back on their personal spending but carbon tax, other taxes and living costs keep going up. Where you save from cutting an expense somewhere, the living cost just keeps going up for the necessities.

“I cut live TV subscription. Saved 90$ a month ! Still paying 500+ a week in gas & groceries for our family fo 5.”

Some Canadians just want the government to fix the issues they have created.

“How about fixing the issues instead of “every little bit helps”?!?”

While Freeland is worried about her streaming subscriptions. Another user pointed out Canadians are visiting food banks just to get something to eat while the Trudeau government has been on a spending spree making it rain with taxpayer money on wasteful spending.

Freeland was asked to comment about her out of touch remarks of telling Canadians to just cancel their Disney+ subscription.

“Look, I think I’ll want to start by really recognizing that I am a very privileged person, for sure.”

“Like other elected federal leaders, I am paid a really significant salary. And I know that puts me in a really really privileged position”

Freeland claims she recognizes that the Canadians struggling today are not like her and not federally elected people. Canadians have to make difficult decisions of what food to buy or not to buy in order to afford rent.

The federal government could help all Canadians struggling in the middle and lower class by pausing the carbon tax, cutting other taxes, or stop the upcoming payroll tax hike, all suggestions the Conservative party keep raising. Instead, Freeland said the government will be tossing some scraps to the “most vulnerable” Canadians which excludes millions of Canadians suffering from rising living costs and inflation.

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