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WATCH Senator Leo Housakos: the dangers of Bill C-11 explained

The Liberals seem to be moving as fast as they can to ram through Bill C-11. While ignoring or out right dismissing legitimate constructive criticism and concerns, time is running short to stop it from becoming legislation.

The conservatives have been pushing back hard in the House of Commons and the Senate against Bill C-11, and reaching out and urge Canadians to strengthen the opposition

The legislation named “Online Streaming Act” is facing fierce opposition from people from every political stripe including National Citizens Coalition and countless individual Canadian content creators.

They warn the legislation is overreaching and gives the government eminence power over the internet by controlling what media Canadians consume online, what shows up in their playlists to watch or listen to online driving Canadian content creators out of Canada. This change could also chase social media platforms out of the country making them inaccessible to Canadians, like what happened in Australia.

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos, the official critic to the legislation is one of the politicians that is pushing back the hardest.

Senator Leo Housakos recently released a video highlighting the dangers of bill C-11 for Canadians.

“Justin Trudeau wants to dictate what you watch and post online. Government should not be controlling your playlist. What you need to know about Justin Trudeau’s #BillC11. WATCH:”

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