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Canadians’ say Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister: New poll

Nearly one-third of Canadians believe Justin Trudeau has been Canada’s worst prime minister since 1968: new poll by Research Co reveals

The survey asked a series of questions about out of ten politicians which one was the worst prime minister and which on is the best prime minister.

When asked which of these politicians do you think has been Canada’s worst prime minister? Justin Trudeau toped the chart when asked which of politicians they think has been Canada’s worst prime minister. A whopping 29% of Canadians say Justin Trudeau has been Canada’s worst prime minister compared to 15% for Stephen Harper while 25% are not sure.

Other politicians on the list were Pierre Trudeau and Kim Campbell 6%, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chrétien 5%, Joe Clark 3%, Paul Martin and John Turner 2%

“Animosity towards Justin Trudeau is decidedly strong in one Canadian province,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. “Almost half of Albertans (49%) consider him the worst recent prime minister.”

According to the poll Pierre Trudeau 19% was Canads’s recent best prime minster while Canadians also said Stephen Harper 17% was the second best prime minister.

Third spot was much lower with Justin Trudeau 12% followed by Chrétien 9% and Mulroney 8%.

In addition, the survey asked questions about ten different politicians who served as leaders of the Official Opposition in Ottawa over the last five decades.

Just under one-quarter of Canadians believe the last two Conservative Party leaders, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole, would have made good prime ministers (23% each).

Of the other ten politicians former Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose 22%, former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day 20% and two former Liberal Party leaders:
Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff 18%.

Nearly one-third of Canadians 30% think former Progressive Conservative leader Robert Stanfield would have made a good head of government. The results are similar for former New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Tom Mulcair 29% and former Reform Party leader Preston Manning 28%.

A majority of Canadians 52% believe former NDP leader Jack Layton would have made an good prime minister, a figure that rises to 58 percent in Quebec and 62 percent among Canadians aged 55 and up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s popularity has been plunging for a while and most recently has accelerated even faster. BC Rise reported a new survey that only 8% of Canadians strongly support Justin Trudeau, everywhere he goes he is met with protesters and getting heckled.

Most recently yesterday Justin Trudeau was in Sudbury having a walk when he was heckled and Canadian’s called him a “disgusting communist pig“.

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