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WATCH: Justin Trudeau is told ‘You’re a traitor!’ at Calgary stampede

Justin Trudeau jumped in his private jet to fly from Ottawa to Calgary for an appearance at the Calgary stampede for some photo-ops and a Liberal fund raiser event.

On Sunday, July 10, 2022 during an appearance he was giving a speech, “Great to see you here. Great to see so many people” said Trudeau. Someone holding a Canada flag began to heckle Trudeau while he was talking, telling Justin Trudeau “You’re a traitor!”.

The heckler continues to call Trudeau ‘You’re a traitor’ for at least 15 seconds before he was reportedly escorted out of the parking lot and across the street, according to Global News.

“This is a moment to gather and to celebrate being able to gather once again. It’s great to see everyone in person. Happy Stampede,” said Trudeau who was in Calgary for a breakfast hosted by his lone Liberal MP, George Chahal.

“I know the stampede is an extraordinary time for people coming across the country, uh, gathering to celebrate, gathering to enjoy pancakes and uh celebrate everything about Calgary and the west”

“It’s been a tough couple of years where people have had to pull together and make it through and we really saw the strength of community,” he said.

“We’re facing more challenges with the war in Ukraine and with the global inflation crisis, but at the same time we’re seeing it — time and time again — Canadians stepping up and being there for each other.”

Hecklers are no stranger to Justin Trudeau and it appears to be happening more frequent all the time. Just one day prior, on Saturday, July 9, 2022, Justin Trudeau was in Sudbury when he was out for a walk with his security team and personal photographer when he encountered a random heckling.

Reported previously by BC Rise, A group of people spotted Justin Trudeau walking by below them on a walk way and called down to get his attention.

Canadian protesters yelled at Justin Trudeau that he is “nothing but a communist pig” and that he should release political prisoners.

Protesters chanted “go back to China” and called Trudeau “disgusting” for his treatment of political prisoners in Canada, a direct reference to Tamara Lich of the Freedom Convoy, who was recently re-arrested for allegedly breaking her bail terms.

You can hear Trudeau yelling back, “You had your 20 seconds!” before shrugging and walking away.

Justin Trudeau has been facing a lot of backlash lately in regards to his continued strict obsession with Covid-19 and refusal to bring an end to the ArriveCAN app.

He is also under immense public pressure to release Tamara Lich who people describe as Justin Trudeau’s political prisoner. Justin Trudeau’s popularity has plummeted and a new poll was released by Angus Reid showing Justin Trudeau ranking as Canada’s worst prime minister.

The host of the kiberal event, MP George Chahal was fined for taking opposition flyers from constituents mailboxes during the 2021 federal election.

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