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Warning, Vancouver man tries to push sketchy digital ID norms

Vancouver man creates free app to show B.C. Vaccine Card and ID in one touch.

The ex-apple engineer built himself an app to house his B.C. vaccine passport and his other persoanl government issued ID.

Before we dive in. If any business is accepting a pitcure of your Government ID to match with your vaccine passport this is not a form of legal Government issued ID and the business needs to stop doing it.

The app is just a photo gallery, you take a picture of your ID and put it on your phone. It’s a great way for thieves to gain access to your ID if you don’t lock your phone with a passpword, pin or finger print.

Currently in the Apple App store it says they don’t collect any data and there is no need to sign up or log in. That sounds like a privacy plus.

The B.C. vaccine passport is the only accepted digital “ID” because you’re required to also show legal Government ID. A picture of your driver’s license or provincial ID aren’t going to help you when you need to show Government ID somewhere if required if the person requesting is doing their job properly to protect against fraud. It’s no good for any legal government privilege reasons such as driving.

If you expect places to accept it as a form of ID, in which some case retails and other businesses will record your License number or other details. How can they be sure that’s actually your ID?

The reason is because a picture can be made fraudulent very easy with photoshop. Sometimes people have friends or family that look like them. If a business is just checking a picture of your Government ID as “legal identification”, they are not making sure their customers security and privacy is safe if you are signing up for any services whether it be financial or other reasons.

This is dangerous because it’s very easy for anyone to take a picture of ID now since everyone has a smart phone. If you even lost your wallet or purse and then someone else returned it. How do you know they didn’t take a picture? When a business asks to see your ID and if they go photo copy or record the data out of sight, how do you know that person didn’t take a picture?

Then how about the Government provides the app like the Vaccine Passport? This is also dangerous and paves the way for the government to grab more control. “If you don’t have anything to hide then why are you worried” this argument is absurd. You can’t have a free open and democratic society with out privacy. It’s everyone’s individual fundamental rights to decide on their own what information they want other people, businesses and the government to know about them. It’s not the Governments rights to know everything about you. The Government works for you and not the other way around.

If a digital ID came about it is very simple and easy to start linking all other services to it and then we have the social credit system like in China and the Government gets to choose what services you can use and where you can travel.

Privacy matters, Privacy by design.

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