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True North catches up with Maxime Bernier for day one of Truckers for Freedom rally

The Truckers for Freedom Convoy has rolled up to parliament hill in Ottawa. Andrew touched down last night so he could be there to witness this amazing record setting rally.

A few waves of the convoy have parked and set up with local Ontario supporters and truckers. The rally is well on its way with more people set to arrive “Will come tomorrow, will come Monday”.

Andrew Lawton from True North speaks with Maxime Bernier at the Freedom for Truckers convoy rally.

To get a clear view of what is happening Andrew asked why Max think these people are in Ottawa today. “because they are fed up and they want to regain their freedoms. That’s why.” Bernier said with a smile and proud of the peaceful rally the truckers organized to stand up for all Canadians.

There is “no logic and no common sense” Bernier said while giving a big thank you to the truckers for having the courage to make the voice of the people heard. Trudeau and Ottawa has ignored these Canadians for 2 years and “enough is enough”.

Bernier explains he doesn’t believe the government wants to come talk and debate because they have no logic or common sense for the mandates. If the Government is asked the real questions they will have no answers that would make any sense.

“listen to your people” he pleads to the Government of Canada “don’t play that game of division and segregation. If you’re really there you must unite everybody. Every Canadian. We want to unite everyone under the freedom umbrella” Bernier said. The rally is very fun and positive, lots of people having fun and smiling waving Canadian flags with pride.

This rally should bring common sense to the forefront within the government but if not “The PPC the People’s Party will always be there for the People”.

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