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Shut down Roxham road Quebec tells Justin Trudeau

The increase of illegal border crossings hasn’t gone unnoticed by Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault. On Wednesday he said Justin Trudeau needs to tell migrants and asylum seekers to stop coming because there’s no capacity to support a influx in population.

The Prime Minister is mostly responsible for the increasing illegal border crossings because of a tweet he sent in 2017 encouraging migrants to cross the border.

“It is time for Justin Trudeau to put out a new tweet to say not to come anymore, because we have exceeded our reception capacity,” said Legault. 

“So, Trudeau has a responsibility in this, listen, we have problems with housing, capacity in schools, staff in hospitals, at some point, Trudeau has to send a new message.”

In 2017 Donald Trump cracked down on illegal immigration and human trafficking at the U.S. southern border, Justin Trudeau did the complete opposite and tweeted that Canada would “welcome” everyone “fleeing persecution, terror, and war.”

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength” Justin Trudeau tweeted

Shortly after that tweet there was a sudden spike in crossings especially at the well known illegal Roxham Road border crossing.

Source IRPP

The vast majority of irregular border crossings took place in Quebec in 2017. By July 2017 the RCMP said a significant and unprecedented number of people were being intercepted, noted in a IRPP report.

IRPP is an independent institute that researches public policy in Canada “providing insight and influencing debate on current and emerging policy issues facing Canadians and their governments.”

There was a slump in numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic because Roxham Road illegal border crossing was shut down due to Covid measures. However everything has resumed and the numbers are starting to spike again.

It was revealed earlier this week at the request of Legault’s government that Ottawa has been transporting migrants in to neighbouring provinces that have been entering into Quebec through the illegal crossing.

“We are starting to see results (of this new approach),” said Quebec Minister of Immigration Christine Frechette. “We’re very happy with that.”

As of June this year Quebec has bussed out 5,300 migrants with a majority of them being shipped to Windsor and Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“I don’t have information about what happened on Monday, but we are expecting that this new approach persists,” said Frechette. 

Quebec has requested to put a cap of 23% on its migrant intake of asylum seekers moving forward.

Earlier this month New York City Mayor Adams announced his administration is bussing refugees to the border of Canada.

The Quebec government is demanding New York City Mayor Eric Adams “immediately” stop sending migrants arriving in his city to the illegal Roxham Road border crossing south of Montreal.

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately,” said a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault.

“The situation has overwhelmed Montreal’s ability to provide housing and other public services, with the flood of new students alone equivalent to the opening of 13 new schools,” he said.

When asylum seekers arrive in Canada they instantly begin to eat away at taxpayer money to access public services and given support funding.

Here is what the federal and provincial governments are responsible for:

Federal responsibilities:
• Temporary work permit and documentation
• Basic health care (funded via Interim Federal Health Program)

• Public health
• Social assistance
• Education
• Housing
• Legal aid

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