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Still no arrests in Coastal Gaslink flare gun and axe wielding terrorist attack

Shortly after the terrorist attack on the BC Coastal Gaslink site a team of 40 investigators was assigned to the investigation.

It has been three months since a group of violent extremists attacked the Coatal Gaslink site and employees with flare guns and swinging axes in the middle of the night.

The RCMP still haven’t released any more details or leads to identify the people responsible for the terrorist attack or how if was funded.

On Feb. 17, between 20 and 40 masked violent attackers invaded a Coastal GasLink construction camp near Houston, B.C., with torches, flare guns, and axes, causing millions of dollars in damage.

In response to the attack  a statement by B.C. Premier John Horgan called it a “violent and criminal act” and promised a “thorough investigation to identify and apprehend those responsible.” shortly after, the RCMP announced it has dedicated 40 investigators to the case.

Last week RBC executive cars were torched and suspected to be by anarchists opposed to RBC’s funding of the Coastal GasLink pipeline and a number of other attacks towards RBC over the last few weeks.

The attack on Canadas energy infrastructure occurred on Feb 17, 2022 during the time the Emergencies Act was invoked to quash peaceful protesters with jacuzzies, BBQ and bouncy castles at the Freedom Convoy in Downtown Ottawa.

Non of the witnesses have posted about their experience on social media or spoken with the media for their own protection and safety. The Coastal Gaslink released a blog post on Feb 4 from a worker named “Trevor”

Trevor described being encircled by five people with axes swinging at his work truck, while another person cut through a security fence with a cordless angle grinder. “I heard smashes on the back tailgate and when I looked in my mirror I could see one of them was holding an axe,” he said.

Officers responding to the attack were slowed by trees down across access roads, and while attempting to clear the impediments with chainsaws, they were taunted and struck by smoke bombs from the tree line and stqcks of flaming brqnches thrown at them.

“When the police gave chase, it appears as though they might have lulled us into a trap,” RCMP Chief Supt. Warren Brown said at a press briefing, adding that pursuing officers stepped on nail traps.

One RCMP officer was reported to have been injured from the attack.

David Suzuki recently used dangerous anti pipeline rhetoric just a few months ago saying “pipe lines will be blown up”. Reported by National PostWestern Standard

All the Coastal Gaslink attacks have been praised and glorified on a Montreal based ANTIFA affiliated website. The attacks on RBC employees private property have also been praised on the same far left-wing website.

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